The Man Who Had All The Luck

Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Sean Holmes
Liverpool Playhouse (15th-19th April 2008)

Reviewed by Alison Cornmell

It is said that we should be careful what we wish for. So if we were bestowed with constant good luck, as we have all probably wished for, would we be happy? Davie is one such ‘lucky’ guy; his whole life is bestowed with good luck without even asking for it. But despite his money, his house, his friends and his beautiful wife is all this good fortune too much pressure? While all those around him face their own bad luck, Davie never seems to fail, leaving him haunted with the prospect of if and when he will be caught out and luck will no longer be on his side.

Having never seen an Arthur Miller play or studied any of his work I was excited at seeing the play and I was far from disappointed. Everything about the production was brilliant. The set was considered, and so sucked me into the action because of its believability. The acting was outstanding, with each part played with conviction and passion. The actors who really stood out for me where Felix Scott who played Amos Beeves, Aidan Kelly who played Shory and Michelle Terry who played Hester. Each of their performances had moments when the entire audience where entranced. The first act established character and was quite subtle in its main themes. The second act however I found completely mesmerizing, and perhaps it was the wine, but at one point I found myself with my mouth wide open.

As far as I was concerned this was a faultless performance and one which has definitely inspired me, making me want to see more of Arthur Miller’s works.

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