Aiming For Heights

Red Wire
International Gallery, 34a Slater Street (3rd-14th August 2007, 12pm-6pm)

Reviewed by Helen Grey

This is the second exhibition presented by the Liverpool artist collective Red Wire and is a fantastic showcase for the underground art scene that is currently thriving in the city.

I’m going straight for my personal highlight of the exhibition, which is the fantastic installation by Nicola Fitzsimmons, entitled ‘Yesterday Happened'. Lying in the centre of the floor is a figure made from twisted cassette tapes. The lower body is constructed from a pair of denim jeans and trainers but the upper body is a mass of tangled tape. I like the messiness of the form and the idea that we are all made up from masses of information that is formed in no particular order, yet all of the information is needed to make us who we are.

Katie Halsall has created a somewhat disturbing yet strangely captivating piece called ‘The Ugly Child Watches’. It consists of small children on a ledge surrounded by a sea of red and carries the words ‘The Ugly Child Watches, The Happy Child Reads The Book'. Perhaps this is a comment on the present social pastimes of a majority of Britain’s youth.

‘Selected Sent Text Messages’ is a wall covered with printed texts messages that were sent by Linda J Pithwood between December 2007 and July 2007. As I became more and more engaged by the messages I began to get a picture of Linda without having any more information about her character than the snippets revealed on the wall. It’s almost like a window to the soul.

Redwire also produce a zine, which is distributed around Liverpool. For more information visit:

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