Written by Levi David Addai
Royal Court Theatre Company
Liverpool Everyman (3rd-7th October 2006)

Reviewed by John Owen

The opening scene, in the crowded cockpit of the radio shack. South London was the location for some excellent crisp observations on human relations, desire aspiration and loyalty to fellow beings. A fresh as pips in your mouth taste of urban radio and the social glue of the community, with rival tensions surfacing as the opportunity to rise from the ghetto superstar status is granted once in a lifetime.

The sharpest of street jargon, slang words, and dynamic fusion that is love among the airwaves. The gritty natty and dread of late night DJing, where the pirates are on land. Was brilliantly exposed and made entertaining by an excellent cast, who threw a window open literally on a slice of life.

The drama full of intricacies, as we followed the journey of the two main characters’ “coach and boss man”, their love life and ambitions on and off the air. Anybody who has had dreams of becoming someone a contender will identify with the plot the lives and love the raw feelings and emotions charged up and down.

Fern and Kelda, two young students spoke to me after the show, both gave the thumbs up.

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Comment left by Rebecca on 13th November, 2006 at 13:08
discribe the character Delisha in 93.2 FM where was she born what is she afriad of i'm doing a play and i need to know this information.

Comment left by Kimberley on 20th November, 2006 at 10:06
i'm in school and doing performing arts and i just wanted to i think 93.2fm in a great play. And any one who din't like it is a dick head.

Comment left by Kimberley on 27th November, 2006 at 12:01
i'm doing performing arts and i'm doing 93.2 fm and i just want to say that i think it's amazing and one of the most brillant play that i did so far.

Comment left by Layla on 27th November, 2006 at 12:05
I think that 93.2 fm is the best play ever. i loved it some much. and i think bossman is sexy do you agree?

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