911 - Back Door Job

Edited by Tim Bleasdale
The Projection Gallery, Roscoe Street
10th February 2007

Reviewed by Adam Ford

On a bitterly cold evening, in a damp and draughty building, about forty people braved the conditions and the conditioning to view a film about something one man said would "...set the course for this new century and determine the destiny of millions across the world." That heroic figure was George W Bush, on September 11th 2001.

Since then of course, wars have been launched on Afghanistan and Iraq, and threatened against other countries that happen to be important for American and British oil companies. Military budgets have been increased and social programmes slashed. At the same time, draconian new laws have been brought in across the western world, which potentially threaten anyone who dares to speak up against the rule of the rich. So what are we going to do about it?

Well, Liverpool-born Tim Bleasdale (son of dramatist Alan) has made a 78 minute film, which provoked applause, cheers and tears at its Roscoe Street screening. Combining footage taken from other 9/11 videos, news reports and speeches from experts, Bleasdale plants the seed of doubt in the viewer's mind, then nurtures it with a sprinkling of darkly paranoid music and the obligatory Hitler references. The effect would be unsettling even for the most devout of Bush's bible belt believers, and many in the audience were visibly shaken.

So is Bleasdale right? Was the whole thing an American set-up? Quite possibly. Of course, the nature of these things is that very few people actually know for sure, otherwise much more would have come out by now. Certainly, key people within the Bush government went on record in hoping for a 'new Pearl Harbor', which would allow them to do everything they have done since. Certainly, it has become clear that intelligence agencies knew about plans to crash planes into buildings, and even identified the eventual hijackers, when they were still taking flying lessons in the US. After watching Bleasdale's film, it seems there are serious differences between the official explanations and the way in which the three towers collapsed. Yes, I did say three. You didn't hear about the 'pulling' of the seventh tower? Oh yeah, the World Trade Center's new owner made a lot of money on that one.

But the crucial point is this, every minute we spend looking at grainy images of explosions and bits of concrete is another minute we have spent not stopping any wars. Even if it was possible to make a film which 100% convinced every single viewer that the Bush administration organised a massive act of violence against Americans, very few people would ever get to see it, due to the fact that it would get zero corporate media coverage. But hundreds of millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic want an end to the violence abroad and the repression at home. Surely it makes sense to focus on that.

The truth will out eventually, but in the meantime we have a world to save.

If you've got an hour or so before you organise in your workplace or neighbourhood to stop this madness, it won't do you any harm to watch the film:

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Comment left by Peacemonger on 13th February, 2007 at 14:55
thankyou, glad you enjoyed.

Comment left by Truthseeker on 13th February, 2007 at 19:31
Millions of people worldwide have seen the film Loose Change - it was shown on Australian/NZ 'normal' TV The Americans have movements with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in them campaigning for the truth about the inside job of 9/11. Our British media will not report such things - people may start to wake up about 7/7. They keep the sheople clouded from the truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyrkL7RpazU

Comment left by Sinclair on 17th February, 2007 at 1:57
Tim's excellent compilation can be watched here: http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=-7073486643094060697

Comment left by Reactionary Degenerate on 17th February, 2007 at 14:29
An excellent review. The point about conspiracy theories are your never really going to know and if you're that convinced that you're right, you're just as blind as those that think governments always tell the truth. Stop the war is key: "But hundreds of millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic want an end to the violence abroad and the repression at home. Surely it makes sense to focus on that."

Comment left by AllThatWeSeeOrSeem on 17th February, 2007 at 23:05
If we want to Stop The War - then we should ALL focus on 911 - because it is that manufactured inside job that has given such a clear mandate for war. It is not about oddball conspiracy theorists - it is about scientific facts. The world is changing for the worse. take a look at the official line which says...
* 19 Arab muslims outwitted the most sophisticated military defence system in the world - 4 times in succession
* They defeated the laws of physics - by having collapsing buildings fall at free fall rate
* They defeated the laws of chemistry - by melting steel girders [2750F] with aviation fuel [1517F]
* They brought down THREE WTC buildings (#1,2 and 7) by hitting only TWO of them
* Each building happened to fall neatly into its own ‘footprint’
* All of the hijackers were on board - we’re not sure yet why none of their names appeared on any of the flight manifests
* At least five of the hijackers turned up alive and well, after their suicide missions on 9/11 - they now live in the middle east - some interviewed by the BBC!!
* A plane hit the Pentagon (one of the most guarded buildings in the USA) - Unfortunately no CCTV footage of the actual plane exists (the wreckage, plane parts, luggage and bodies were never found)
* Cell phone calls were made at altitudes and speeds that are usually impossible (over 2,000 feet / over 230 mph). We still don’t know how they did this
Do you want to stop "THE" war - or close down the mandate for a world of continuing wars - Iran is next - then China. Well done Tim - I wish others were quicker to wake up.

Comment left by Peacemonger on 28th February, 2007 at 10:54
Thanks for the feedback folks, as far as i can see 911 was the pretext for the war, and this evil has to be taken out by the root. facts are facts, those towers fell in a controlled demolition. We all want the war to end but we need justice to those who brought it about by profit, while bringing the troops home, and looking after them when they get home too. lets not forget the nieve 16 year olds killing children in once one of the most beautiful parts of the world. 911 is the starting point, it has to be. if we can all agree that the rich eliete have planned to fuck us, which we can, then we can make a change. the revolution will not be televised rings true. we are fighting the 3rd world war right now. it started when the second finished, just now its all propaganda, lies and enslavedment and drugs, with our children carrying our debts around their necks, with the morgage.........bigger locks, bigger tv's ,bigger bellies,better cars and phones, and sky tv... you get the picture. we are happy slaves and god help anyone who tries to awake us. happy happy happy with all the shiny new things. go back to sleep. its called the american dream cause you have to be asleep to believe it. just like our 2 party dictatorship we live in, fooling ourselves to think we have a choise. You might as well pick a football team. buy a ticket and watch. you don't get to pick the formation, team, subs, not even the ball to play with. you sit and watch and acept the results because thats the way its always been. bend a little further over. i don't think the 911 truth are blinded by it all, just aware of it all, its all much more clearer once you see they aren't wearing any clothes, and they couldn't make it any clearer. Adam, thank you for the review,its a well written pice, i hope to use some of it on my dvd case cover when it becomes huge. laters folks, inner and outer.

Comment left by p vertigo on 22nd April, 2007 at 12:28
7/7 was an inside job by a demented dennis hopper fixated london bus inspector who was pensioned off poorly thus triggering colossal bus rage for all and sundry to witness. his power with awe.. thats what i heard in the pub and the government wont release which post office he draws his uab book at for fear off copycat bombers like cabbies and elevator engineers etc..the truth is out there

Comment left by Mike Doyle on 17th May, 2007 at 19:00
The disturbing truth is not that 9/11 was an inside job, but that most people don't care. They have their football, soaps and reality TV, so why should they care. Most people do not have the strength of character to believe that western leaders WOULD carry out such attacks, so they won't even take the accusations seriously. It matters not that declassified documents are freely available describing the CIA's plans to do just that in the early 60's in order to justify an invasion of Cuba(Operation Northwoods), or that the team leader (E Howard Hunt)of the CIA cell that killed JFK made a deathbed recorded confession released to, but ignored by the worlds press in April of this year. The general population are happy to support a system of government that gradually enslaves them because our leaders wear shirts and ties and talk about football. It matters not that Bush's Grandfather was trading in gas-chamber materials and more with Adolf Hitler and that George W's first company was part-funded by the Bin-Laden family. It doen't matter that newspapers and tv news encourage racism and fear sending young, innocent and often poor people off to kill people in distant lands. It doesn't even strike these people as strange that the name of the terrorist group that we are told orchestrated these attacks and is bent on world domination translates in common Arabic to 'The Toilet'. It doesn't matter because the people who give us the news and the lies wear suits and ties, are company directors(often oil or military companies, but that's just a coincidence)and do not have small moustaches. What matters is what other people think about you and what the fotball results are. Like a cancerous lump it is up everybody to face up to uncomfortable possibilities and find out what the truth is, because when the truth becomes obvious it is usually too late to do anything about it and it will be not only yourselves, but your children who will suffer. I hope nobody who knows me reads this, they will think I'm crazy. What will I do then? I'll have to get a shiny new car and a season ticket to reassure them.

Comment left by Mike Doyle on 17th May, 2007 at 19:19
Incidentally on the morning of 7/7, 'Visor Consultants' were running terrorist drills on behalf of an unnamed agency in central London in EXACTLY the same places that bombs exploded. A representative from the company was interviewed for the early evening news. Clips from ITN news and BBC Radio 5 Live from the day are freely available online if you want to find them. Unfortunately Bob Kiley, London's transport commissioner at the time, an American who's online CV mentions his previous work for the CIA, has since retired. The morning of 9/11 also saw terrorist drills(five of them to be precise)all across the northeast sector of the USA where blips were placed on air traffic controllers radar showing upwards of twenty hijacked aircraft. This was the first time such excersises had been held simultaneously. Sorry, I didn't mean to go on. I care, that's all.

Comment left by Paul McDermott on 15th March, 2008 at 17:40
I've just chanced upon this, and I'm taken aback? You guys seem to have found a spiritual home with each other? I don't doubt this comment will be deleted or 'moderated'. I won't pretend to have studied the footage in the detail that you all have, but that would appear to be the same for some of your like minded souls? “7/7 was an inside job by a demented dennis hopper fixated london bus inspector who was pensioned off poorly thus triggering colossal bus rage for all and sundry to witness. his power with awe.. thats what i heard in the pub" Ummmmmm.....heard that down the pub, eh? Well, of course it must be true then? And sadly, the rest of you are so like minded, you’re desperate to find things to agree on? You’re happy to question the every move or motive of the ‘Great Satans’ that you see ( Blair, Bush, CIA etc etc), but you won’t look at what each other are saying with the same clarity? Mr. Bleasedale, (Whose father I have met a couple of times, very agreeable man) throws asbestos into the argument? What is the significance of asbestos, pray? Pretty much every building in the world built before 2000 is riddled with asbestos, and some built since. It’s not normal business practice to fly planes into them rather than use a demolition company. Asbestos removal is a cost factored into all demolition. Less expensive, complicated and costly than the removal the steel in this instance. (And yes, I do know quite a bit about demolition) Documents and evidence goes missing every day from CIA offices, they have shredders, which are cheaper to run than 747’s. As for the guy talking about Bush’s grandfather ‘selling gas chamber materials’, let’s see some evidence for that one, otherwise regards it as another ‘ a guy told me in the pub’ level of comment? You have every right to oppose a war, it’s a free country, (Thought that one would raise a smile) Well, you are at least free to express your opinions, however little substance some people may feel they have? And we have politicians of the past to thanks for that. If you’ve believed politicians therefore told the truth or acted more nobly in the past, whose kidding who now? I have a pretty low expectation of politicians, and as such they generally don’t disappoint too much. As you ask others to open their eyes, I’d ask you all to open yours. Whatever your preamble, it looks to me like these are beliefs you people held which you have made fit the ‘facts’ as you interpret them. They do not look like positions arrived at after consideration of all the evidence. What about the death of Diana, people? Be happy to hear your feedback, people?

Comment left by Peter on 12th December, 2009 at 12:04
Try looking up David Icke... He puts a free 3 hr video lecture on his web page. 911 is only part of the picture... Tim, please contact me. Peter

Comment left by Tim Bleasdale on 23rd December, 2009 at 13:32
hey peter, whats your contact details, you can email me at youdontneedaweatherman@hotmail.co.uk

Comment left by skeptic on 8th August, 2010 at 14:32
"So is Bleasdale right? Was the whole thing an American set-up?" No, it was not entirely an American set-up. Who is Bleasdale? A gate-keeper for the Zionist/Israelis/Alex Jones camp or a useful idiot?

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