The 100 Shirts Exhibition

Microzine, Bold Street
16th February – 2nd March 2006

Reviewed by Lib Murray

Birds in the city...what comes to mind? Dirty pigeons, sublime songbirds or just a hen night? If you want to see what comes to mind for some of the UK’s most promising artists and designers then hotfoot it to Microzine, Bold Street. Promoted by p-ornithology Ltd and funded by a whole heap of sponsors, including Liverpool’s 2008 Capital of Culture team, the 100 Shirts Exhibition aims to take the everyday T-shirt to a whole new level.

Microzine’s high-walled upper level is the perfect venue for such an exhibition. Not least of all because the idea of having T-shirts as art on the walls, and T-shirts for sales on the racks is quite amusing, creating a modern age, mobile art gallery.

The top T-shirt will be announced at an awards night at Microzine on Thursday, 2nd March. This is one in a long line of cultural events Microzine has hosted in their aim to create a strong community feel around their Bold Street base, having previously collaborated with - amongst others - FACT and the Tea Factory. It makes sense if you’re going to catch a film at FACT - rather than any other cinema - why not take advantage of its rich surroundings? These connections are all about establishing an identity not just for the area, but for the people who inhabit it.

The T-shirts themselves offer a diverse array of images. Emma Smith’s 'Caged' shows the plight of the domestic bird, locked up in a world of florid wallpaper, whilst Liam Palmer’s 'Whistle and Bang' encapsulates the intertwined fluidity of birdsong and the beat of the city. In short, there is an image to suit everyone in the city’s mobile gallery.

To see the winning t-shirts visit:

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