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Local News, Articles and Opinions

Joe Hill - He Ain't Dead! - 30/11/2015
Minnie Stacey reviews the free events to celebrate the life of Joe Hill held at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool on 21st November. Joe Hill was a creative campaigner, a union activist, free speech agitator, songwriter, cartoonist, satirist and poet, who was executed a hundred years ago in the state of Utah. Liverpool's News from Nowhere radical bookshop and Nerve Magazine chose to organise a celebration of his life by staging John Fay's play 'The Joe Hill Dream' in an afternoon of rhyme, reason and song. Read more

Anti-Fascist Conference and Fundraiser - Saturday 5th December 2015
The climate of racism against immigrants and Muslims, together with harsh and uncertain economic circumstances, have created conditions that have allowed the Nazis to grow. This conference argues that anti-fascist groups/activist from across our movement need opportunities to come together to learn lessons from each other and our history. This enables us build effective strategies to fight fascism now. New activists need to be developed and supported through education and actions. Read more

Momentum Conference - 30/11/2015
John Owen reports on the Momentum Conference held in the Florrie Centre with the aim of rejuvenating the Labour movement after Jeremy Corbyn's victory. Approximately 120 people attended the debate. Outside was a raging storm, inside the brewing of a political storm. The atmosphere was pleasant, amicable even, tense and disturbing, free flowing and rambunctious, aggressive and thorough, principled and fair. Following on from the massive surge of the support for Corbyn in the leadership election, attempting to shift the Labour party to the left, the mood for a continuing battle with Cameron is still on. Read more

Joe Hill 100 years
Joe Hill (1879-1915) was a songwriter and union activist, framed and then executed by the state of Utah. His creative way of campaigning and organising has relevance today for those fighting for workers’ rights. There is a free event to celebrate his life on Sat Nov 21st at the Adelphi Hotel with music, poetry, discussion and the play, The Joe Hill Dream, which will also go on tour around Liverpool and the North West. Read more

First ever Liverpool Kurdish Film Festival - 21st - 22nd Nov 2015
The Kurdish Community in Liverpool would like to invite anyone who wants to find out more about Kurdish Life, politics, culture and ideas, to the Liverpool’s first ever Kurdish film festival. Bringing to life the Kurdish culture, life and politics through fantastic drama and documentary films with the added bonuses of speakers, discussion, music and the very first ever performance of Liverpool first Kurdish band, Koma Ro Jeeh. Read more

Fireweed - Harvest Home: Give us this Day our Daily Bread - 19/10/2015
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
When I was a child, churches, chapels, schools and social clubs held ceremonies called Harvest Home, in which praise was given to a benign god for the harvest being safely gathered in and stored, so that the winter could be survived. Read more

Toxteth Food Central Fire Recovery - 15/10/2015
On Sunday 11th October there was a massive fire on Windsor Street, Toxteth, which destroyed the partly built Toxteth Food Central community hub. A group of local residents alongside community health organisation Squash Nutrition, had spent the last 18 months planning Toxteth Food Central for the benefit of everyone in the L8 neighbourhood of Liverpool. Now there is a fund to help rebuild it. Read more

Liverpool Radical Film Festival 2015 - 22nd to 25th October 2015
The Liverpool Radical Film Festival is on from Oct 22nd to 25th and they will be screening a range of powerful films covering such issues as the deaths of black people in police custody, abuses against the Kurdish population in Turkey and the most relevant British band of today Sleaford Mods. Read more

Night to Celebrate Kevin Paton - Sat 24th October 2015
In recognition of the creativity and loving of life of Kevin Paton, who sadly passed away a short time ago, there will be an evening of music to celebrate Kevin and fundraise towards his funeral costs. This will be on Sat 24th October at the District (ex The Picket), Jordan Street. Read more

Top Joe’s Regular Gig - Starts Sat 17th October 2015
A series of live performances hosted by cult Edinburgh Fringe comedian Top Joe featuring comedy and music kicks off on Sat 17th October with the debut event featuring comedian Liam Pickford and alt. pop polymath Esa Shields at the The Well Space on Roscoe Street. Read more

Burjesta Theatre presents ‘Doctor Faustus’ - Starts 2nd Nov 2015
Christopher Marlowe's amazing and subversive tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil exchanging 24 years of omnipotence for eternal damnation. Burjesta Theatre will be performing this startling play, part morality tale part knock-about comedy in this radical interpretation of the 16th century Renaissance mindset updated to the 21st century. Read more

Nature's Way art exhibition at Unity Theatre - 8th - 31st October 2015
This exhibition features striking and sometimes abstract nature-based photographs and paintings by three Liverpool artists during October 2015. It features photographs of Colin Serjent and Jane Groves, taken in Liverpool and Merseyside, while Carlee Graham is showing large nature-based abstract paintings. Read more

Friends of Jeremy Corbyn Meeting (Where there is life there is hope) - 29/9/2015
John Owen reports from the meeting in support of the newly elected leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, held at the Unite building on 16th September 2015. Read more

Love Activists: Prisoners Of Conscience - 22/9/2015
I am James Jones's mother, one of five Love Activists sentenced to ten weeks prison last week, and writing this article is my way of dealing with my emotions. When someone dies or perhaps your teenage daughter goes missing overnight, or your eldest daughter has just been mugged in another country, or even when your 20-year-old son is sent to prison, it feels like the world stops. Read more

Introductory Animation Courses - Starting 30th Sept 2015
Introduction to Animation course: discover the history of animation and explore the basic principles of creating motion through screenings and practical workshops, starting on 30th Sept.
Animation Production course: learn about the art of animation and produce your own animated short film sequence using a range of traditional and digital techniques, starting on 4th Nov. Read more

Kurdish woman beating the hell out of ISIS - The revolution in Rojava - 15/9/15
Darren Guys interview Sama, a Kurdish Freedom fighter from Kobane, a city in Northern Syria, who has now claimed asylum in the UK. In her twenty one years she has lived and seen things that most people will never experience in their lifetime. Read more

Hope Fest For Homeless - 18th - 20th September 2015
Following the success of last year's three day festival, Hope Fest, the live music festival for the homeless in Liverpool, will triple the number of venues to be used. Hundreds of bands have applied to take part, some of the bands confirmed so far include Alias Kid, Alan McGee's new proteges, as well as Beatnik Hurricane. Read more

Burjesta Theatre Workshops - The World & The Actor - Starting Wed 16th Sept 2015
Starting Wednesday 16th September at the Casa on Hope Street, Burjesta Theatre are running a series of theatre workshops with the aim of focusing actors on thinking about their place in the world and their relationship to the world around them. Read more

What Do Artists Do All Day? - Sir Peter Blake - 9/9/2015
This series of thirty minute programmes takes the viewer into the studios and into the lives of artists. The episode on Sir Peter Blake was part of the BBC's short season on Pop Art. At the age of 82 he was commissioned to produce his largest work to date: Everybody Razzle Dazzle, a Pop makeover for the Mersey Ferry vessel Snowdrop. Read more

The White Man March - 27/8/2015
Liverpool was set to be the scene of ‘The White Man March’, a contentious and controversial march organised by the British Neo-Nazi group, National Action. Despite widespread media coverage, threats of race riots and claims of hundreds of skinheads marching through our streets, the whole thing unfolded in a far different manner. Read more

Commedia dell ’arte workshops - Starts Tues 15th Sept 2015
This is a series of workshops introducing and developing some stock Commedia dell ‘arte characters and practicing some of the techniques and disciplines used in Commedia dell ‘arte. This will involve exploring some conventional plot line, styles of improvisation and pre-rehearsed sketches such as the ‘Lazzi’. Read more

Fireweed - Two Flowers of Summer - 17/8/2015
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
Sitting in the garden in the lazy hours of afternoon, when all the kids have gone to the park and the only sounds and movements come from insects buzzing round flowers and fumbling their petals for nectar, is a special time to be savoured, like good tea in an unchipped white cup. Read more

Courses on Activism and Film - Starts Sept 11th and Oct 9th 2015
Activism and Film Pre-Production - A 4 week introduction to the basics of factual film media and its use.
Activism and Film Production - A 7 week practical course in shooting and editing factual film. Read more

Rally for Jeremy Corbyn - 6/8/2015
John Owen reports on the rally for Jeremy Corbyn held at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool on 1st August 2015.
Approximately 2000 people turned up for the biggest socialist gathering in 50 years. I arrived and saw people being turned away from the outside door but then realised the event was inaccessible. Some had gone to the bar, others hung around squeezing into the door frames just to experience some of the excitement. It was huge. Read more

Turkey’s War on the Kurds and ISIS - 28/07/2015
On 24th July, the newspapers reported that Turkish fighter jets had, for the first time, struck ISIS targets in Syria and rounded up hundreds of suspected militants within its own borders. Later on that day, Turkish F16s and artillery began to pound PKK bases in Iraqi Kurdistan. So how have we ended up in this situation? It is the aim of this article by Thomas Phillips to explore the events leading up to the return to war. Part One and Part Two

Audition Notice – Doctor Faustus - Wed 12th August 2015
Burjesta Theatre are auditioning for their next production, a modernised adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's 16th century play - 'Doctor Faustus'. Doctor Faustus is a classic tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil and eternal damnation in hell in return for 24 years omnipotence on earth. Auditions will take place starting from 6.30pm on Wed 12th August at The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ. Read more

The mystery of the disappearing libraries! - 9/7/2015
Lovers of 'crime' novels were faced with a new mystery today at Sefton Park library - completely empty shelves in the 'Crime Section'. The crime section was deliberately targeted by a mass borrowing from members of the Save Liverpool Libraries campaign. Read more

LIV-BCN Preview - 9th - 11th July 2015
Showcasing the work of artists from Liverpool and Barcelona, cultural exchange LIV-BCN is set to take return to the city from 9 - 11 July 2015 with a programme featuring music, art and film. LIV-BCN will take place at The Kazimier, Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Small Cinema, and the Merseyside event complements the Barcelona edition that took place on June 12 - 13. Read more

Events for Rojava in Syria - 4th & 5th July 2015
The Revolution in Rojava - An afternoon of film with Kurdish speakers, music, art and poetry looking at the situation in Northern Syria and the Kurds. Saturday 4th July 2pm to 5pm, The Casa, Hope Street, L1.
Sponsored cycle ride for Rojava, Syria - Darren Guy is doing a 60 mile bike ride from Liverpool to Chester on 5th July for the charity Heyva Sor to raise much needed funds for Rojava in Syria. Read more

Post Election Blues - 15/6/2015
An analysis of the outcome of the British General Election by John Owen, a political activist and campaigner and long-term contributor to Nerve. Political activists across the country will be chewing over the General Election defeat for the Labour movement for a while, wondering who, what, why, where and when it happened. Read more

The Quarrymen Party - 11/6/2015
Lynda-Louise Tomlinson reports on the The Quarrymen Party held at St Peter's Church Hall, Woolton, where John Lennon performed with his band The Quarrymen in the church grounds on 6th July 1957 with a young James Paul McCartney watching with his school friend Ivan Vaughan. Later that day, Ivan introduced Paul to John in the church hall, "the most important meeting in popular music history". Read more

International Pop Overthrow Festival 2015 - 11/6/2015
New Nerve contributor Lynda-Louise Tomlinson extensively reviews the International Pop Overthrow Festival, now in its 13th year, staged at the Cavern Club and Pub. The festival boasts bands and singer / songwriters from Liverpool, the UK and across the world with back to back gigs at the Cavern Pub, Club and Live Lounge. Read more

Marx in Soho - Saturday 20th June 2015
A play by Howard Zinn being performed at The Casa, Hope Street.
Karl Marx has agitated with the authorities of the afterlife for a chance to clear his name. Through a bureaucratic error, though, Marx is sent to Soho in New York, rather than his old stomping ground in Soho, London, to make his case. The play introduces us to Marx's wife, Jenny, his children, the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, and a host of other characters. Read more

Call for artwork for exhibition on the 2015 election campaign - 29/5/2015
The Bullshit Gallery is looking for artists responses to all the bullshit we have endured during the 2015 election campaign. The Bullshit Gallery is what we are calling the act of displaying artworks of all media at DumBULLS, 2 Dublin Street, Liverpool, L3 7DT. Read more

'Blacklisted' - Interview with Dave Smith - 11/5/2015
Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain have written a book exposing how secret files held on workers by an organisation called 'The Consulting Association' have been passed between employers, the police and security services, and led to workers being stopped from earning a living. Dave Smith is currently on tour promoting the book and Ritchie Hunter interviewed him for Nerve. Read more

'Storytelling Directions'- Burjesta Theatre Workshops - Starting Wed 6th May 2015
In a new series of workshops Burjesta Theatre will be looking at how some of the world’s great dramatic writers put together their stories, narratives and plots and then looking at how to them out. They will examine how they used different techniques – 'starting in the middle of a chronology', ‘the big opening’, ‘withholding the hero’, ‘ironic knowledge of the audience' to name but a few. Read more

Become The Media - Starts Thursday 30th April, 1pm till 4pm
After a productive taster session at Leaf Cafe, Nerve and WEA are expanding this session into a 21 hour course on writing features that make a difference as well as looking at how we can make a positive impact on the media. The course begins on Thursday 30th April at Liverpool Central Library at 1pm till 4pm. Read more

‘Women Firsts’ @ Workers' Education Association - Starts Tues 28th April 2015
Following on from the success of the first Women’s Theatre Course earlier this year Mikyla Jane Durkan starts this new course with a series of 11 drama based workshops exploring the theme of ‘Firsts’ for Women – both in theatre i.e. acting on stage, playwrights and some key historical events and to explore their dramatization. Read more

Disability Election Debate - Monday 27th April 2015
Active Community Enterprise (ACE) by public demand are organising an election debate on Monday 27th April 2015, 1pm - 3pm, at Camp and Furness, 67 Greenland Street, L8. All the main candidates for the Riverside ward, including the present Labour MP Louise Ellman will be answering questions and giving their parties position on disability. Read more

Talkshop Event about Immigration - Wednesday 29th April 2015
WEA's next Talkshop event will look at immigration. You are welcome along whatever your beliefs to engage respectfully with those with different perspectives and experience. The event is free to attend and will be held in The Brink, 21 Parr Street, L1 4JN. The date of the event is Wednesday 29th April and the time is 7 - 9.30pm. Read more

WEA Talkshop on Housing Crisis - A Punter's View - 23/4/2015
The Workers Education Association have organised a series of debates in the run up to the election. They have proved very successful with their aim to encourage real engagement with politics. The most recent event focussed on the Housing crisis. Read more

'BLACKLISTED' - Launch of the book - Tues 28th & Wed 29th April 2015
'BLACKLISTED - The Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists' by Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain is to be launched on Tuesday 28th April, 6pm at the Unite building on Islington, with a book signing on Wednesday 29th April, 1pm in News from Nowhere Book Shop on Bold Street. The book exposes how companies collude with the police and the secret services to control workplace employment. Read more

'Medea' @ The Bombed Out Church - Saturday 18th April 2015
The darkest Greek Tragedy of them all - the terrible revenge of a woman savagely wronged, will be performed at Liverpool’s most iconic building and all for £3!! So come rain, wind, or sun - come and witness one of the greatest dramas of all time, Euripides’ Medea, still standing the test of time, 2,500 years on... Read more

Brunt Boggart Launch - Wednesday 13th May 2015
Launch of a new book of myth and fairytales by David Greygoose, with artwork by Cate Simmons, a film of images by First Take and music by Hannah James. Giles Lewis and Emily Portman accompany the launch and reading which is at the Bluecoat Arts Centre on Wed May 15th. Read more

Trade Union Freedom Rally - 3/4/2015
John Owen went along to the rally organised by the Campaign For Trade Union Freedom at the Adelphi Hotel on March 25th where approximately eighty trade unionists, community campaigners, and generally politically active people gathered to hear the high and the mighty, the great and the greater, and the so-called learned experts on hand, discuss and debate statistics economically gleaned from the learned tome. Read more

Crisis In Creative Confidence by Chumki Banerjee - 23/3/2015
Parameters of Perception - chemicals which alter minds: how I lost mine and found it again in Neil Campbell's music.
Review of Neil Campbell's CD Tabula Rasa and a bit of introspection by Chumki Banerjee. Read more

Local activist Gina Shaw champions campaign to create a dementia friendly society - 19/3/2015
Paul Tarpey interviews Gina Shaw, who after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, has been campaigning to create a dementia friendly society. The word ‘dementia’ carries a power in itself. The spectre often clouding realities. The image many of us have is not one that could easily be associated with Gina Shaw. She is, however, well aware of common misconceptions and has focussed her time since her own diagnosis on challenging them. Read more

Artists For Palestine - 18/3/2015
Artists for Palestine UK is a growing network of artists, cultural workers and activists who wish to make a stand in support of justice and equality for the Palestinians, and defend arts organisations and individuals who do make such a stand against politically motivated attacks and censorship. Read more

ACE Learning Disability disco takes new venue by storm - 11/3/2015
Active Community Enterprise (ACE), whose successful Tuesday discos closed down on Tuesday 10th March at Lloyds bar, moved into their new disco venue in style on the same day. ACE left their old Lloyds Bar Venue in a procession at 1.30pm and entered their new venue at 2pm, via Concert Square and Bold Street. The procession was lead by the Pied Fiddler of Liverpool, drummers and a numerous array of magical Liverpool characters. Read more

Raise The Roof For Housing Conference - 10/3/2015
Tracey Dunn reports from the Raise The Roof For Housing Conference held in Liverpool and hosted by Left Unity for 'those directly affected, all housing campaign groups and committed housing activists'. It was a very packed room with groups and individuals from all over the UK. There were many speakers who had ten minutes each to tell us about their campaigns. Speakers included the film maker Ken Loach, whose almost fifty-year-old film 'Cathy Comes Home' about a woman's struggle with homelessness and the welfare system has never been more relevant. Read more

I am not one of you - neither of you (About observers and observations) - 10/3/2015
Claudia Laštro who is a writer and activist from Germany living in Sarajevo, takes a look at the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
For five months now I have been living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina. I have six more months to go. During this time I have been repeatedly approached by friends and acquaintances asking me if I would consider writing a blog about my experiences. The idea of openly writing about my life here and the people I share it with provokes pure antipathy in me. Read more

The Vanitas Tradition in Western Art - 9/3/2015
This feature by Sandra Gibson was inspired by her watching the BBC drama series, Wolf Hall.
History aficionados will be waiting eagerly for Hilary Mantel to write the follow-up to the excellent Wolf Hall, the everyday story of Tudor wives, written about a time when power cuts did not so much apply to the candle bill but rather, affected the neck. The series on BBC 2 was permeated with the threat of death: from plague, from childbirth, from religious heresy, from rivalries at court. Read more

György Kepes: First solo show at Tate Liverpool - 6th March - 31st May 2015
Pippa Jane Wielgos looks at György Kepes' first solo show at Tate Liverpool which presents over 81 experimental photographic works comprising of 'camera-less' photograms, photography and photo-montages during his teaching in Chicago in the late 30's and 40's. Born in Selyp in Hungary (Budapest) in 1906, he trained as a painter at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Budapest), where he graduated in 1928. Read more

Become The Media - Thursday 5th March 2015 at 1pm
Launch of two new courses on writing features that make a difference with a taster session at Leaf Cafe on Thursday March 5th. This session will outline the two aspects of the courses; turning ideas into features and challenging how the media creates negative stereotypes. All experiences welcome. Read more

Fireweed - The Struggle for Power and Supplies on the Waterfront - 6/3/2015
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
As I walked along the quay of the Albert Dock I noticed piles of broken shards of mussel shells on the paving stones. It surprised me how much liquid was released by these shattered blue-black caskets of edible gold, which had already disappeared down the gullets of gulls. Of course, I had often watched blackbirds using the smash-shell-and-devour-snail technology of avian cuisine but this was the first time I had seen it used by gulls. Read more

No Austerity Conference - 3/3/2015
On Saturday 14th February, 2015 the most militant and most active forces in the city's campaign groups put differences aside and gathered together to help thrash out a policy to unify the anti-cuts movement against the growing tide of government cutbacks. All lines of inquiry, tactic stratagem and slogans - as well as the more traditional standing of candidates - wrestled against pro-cuts councilors. It was awkward, messy and protracted yet democratic and kept to the point. Read more

Wetherspoons Call Time on the Tuesday Disco for People With Learning Disabilities - 2/3/2015
Hundreds of people with learning disabilities are upset and confused at the decision by Wetherspoon to cancel their city centre ‘ACE discos’, that have been running every Tuesday for the past 9 years. Wetherspoon the owners of Lloyds Bar in Concert Square have decided that the disco is no longer for them and have decided to close their doors on the hugely successful Tuesday afternoon event, despite the fact that managers at Lloyds bar admit takings for food and bar are sometimes double that of any other day. Read more

New York City, for the Discerning Musician - 2/3/2015
For the musician with a sense of jet set adventure and an appetite for discovery and development of their craft, there is no better destination than New York City. Taking a bite at the Big Apple is like investing in a lifelong harmonious seed planting which, if nurtured through practice, will continue to bear fruit with that well known adage ‘what you sow so you shall reap’.... Intrepid travel across the pond can and will increase a performer’s insight and ability to enrich their business of making music, or at the very least, as part of a musical hobby horse it will be an engaging and eye opening time. Read more

© Jona Frank, The Modern KidsLOOK/15: Liverpool International Photography Festival - 15th May - 31st June 2015
LOOK/15, Liverpool’s third edition bi-annual International Photography Festival focuses its 2015 theme on EXCHANGE exploring interchanges through a series of exhibitions and events that look at MIGRATION, WOMEN & PHOTOGRAPHY and MEMORY. It will present emerging, mid-career and established local and international artists, including new commissions by Xavier Ribas of the University of Brighton, Ignacio Acosta (Chile), Jona Frank (USA), and the Liverpool photographer Tony Mallon. Read more

You Are Never More Than Six Feet From Rathole Radio - 27/2/2015
Dan Lynch is the voice of Rathole Radio. The online podcast has been one of Liverpool’s major underground success stories of recent years remaining resolutely independent and thoroughly entertaining. Dan wanted to be a musician from a young age. He also wanted to be John Peel. Then he threw into the mix a slow burning love of all things Internet. It has all collided with Rathole’s podcasts and Nerve spoke to him about his journey to cult internet stardom. Read more

Burjesta Theatre presents ‘Medea’ - Starting 23rd March 2015
The most shocking play from the Classical Greek Age from the pen of ‘that most tragic of tragedians’ - Euripides. Medea, lover of Jason has been abandoned by him for the King’s daughter and now faces exile for herself and her two young sons. But whosoever thinks Medea will passively accept her fate is dangerously mistaken. Read more

International Women's Day event at the Plaza - 8th March 2015
Celebrate International Women’s Day and the achievements of working class women, locally and throughout the world at the Plaza cinema on Sunday 8th March 2015 at 7.45pm. This FREE event, in partnership with Sefton UNISON, features a special screening of ‘Bread and Roses’ directed by Ken Loach and contributions from two remarkable local women. Read more

Liverpool Socialist Singers Benefit Concert for International Women's Day - 6th March 2015
With Paula Kelly-Ince, 67, Ffrench and Wwilliams, La Bomba, Vinny Spencer and Alun Parry. On Friday 6th March from 7pm - 10pm at St Bride's Church on Catharine Street. Tickets £5. Link to Poster

Sefton Park Meadows - 10/2/2015
Mayor Joe Anderson opposes the tree loss, but Redrow’s planning application is still going ahead. Make your objections by 19th February 2015! The campaign give 10 good reasons why save this green space should be saved. Read more

Fireweed - Perce-neige - 9/2/2015
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
By banishing leaves, winter reveals line and structure; in creating decay and cold temperatures it brings cultivated grass into prominence. The eye is struck by the fresh brightness of green in gardens and in public spaces, which contrasts so strongly with the brown of decay and the relative rarity of floral colour. Read more

Debating the Future of the NHS - 17th Feb 2015
The WEA are hosting an event with the focus on the NHS as part of their political engagement events. The NHS is likely to be a crucial talking point in the coming election and may even decide it so they feel it vital that people are given the opportunity to come and speak to others and hear their views on the NHS on what they feel is the best possible direction for it to take. 17th February at The Brink. Read more

Interview with Zoe Dronfield of I Want My Mummy, a project concerned with domestic abuse victims - 29/1/2015
Nerve writer Paul Tarpey interviewed a victim of domestic abuse, Coventry businesswoman Zoe Dronfield, who survived an attack that left her in hospital with devastating injuries. Her project, I Want My Mummy, has acted on behalf of thousands of women who have been victims of domestic abuse. Read more

International film from Argentina ‘The Take’ - 5th Feb 2015
The Take is a Canadian documentary film released in 2004 by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis. It tells the story of workers in Buenos Aires, Argentina who reclaim control of a closed Forja auto plant where they once worked and turn it into a workers cooperative. Read more

Nerve Calendar in Palestine! - 19/1/2015
Photograph showing Kefah Mansour, Friends of Freedom and Justice on the West Bank, getting a copy of the Nerve Calendar off Liverpool Friends of Bilin. See the photo...

Liverpool sculptor to be honoured at first ‘Dooleyday’ - 17th Jan 2015
One of Liverpool’s most famous sons, Arthur Dooley, is to be honoured with a day of events on January 17th with a walking tour, pub crawl, play read-through and documentary film screening form the basis of the inaugural ‘Dooleyday’. Read more

Burjesta Theatre Workshops - From 14/1/2015
Explore through our Theatre Laboratory an updated version of the medieval morality play ‘Everyman’ – transformed into ‘Everywoman’ and the resurrection of certain Norse myths aided by some Scouse Surrealism for two shows to be performed in July. Read more

Fireweed - Revelation - 7/1/2015
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
Winter exposes the bare-branched filigree wonder of our deciduous trees. For a brief time the emphasis is on linear structure rather than plenteous shapes and colours. This is not entirely true: the bareness of these trees also emphasises the evergreenery of conifers and ivies and reveals more sky, with its perpetually changing drama of colour. Read more

Courses for Adults: ‘Women’s Theatre’ - The 2nd Actor Takes The Lead - Starts: 13/1/2015
The course will provide an overview of women in theatre from a historical perspective. Explore roles and themes relevant to group through devising and extracts from classical pieces focusing on women as main characters and challenging traditional and historical views of women in the arts. Read more

Interview with Francesco Mellina - 6/1/2015
Paul Tarpey talks to Francesco Mellina whose book "REVEALED: Youth culture, pop culture, subculture The Photographs of Francesco Mellina 1977-1982" has just been published. If you have any interest in post-punk, new romantic or the fashions of many other rock movements you will have seen a picture he took and his book is a collection that focuses on a scene that developed from Eric’s in the late 70s but still inflames the city and its culture. Read more

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Slow West
Marx in Soho
Les Combattants
Africa Oye Festival
Peggy Seeger
Jurassic World
Liverpool Acoustic
The Hudsucker Proxy
Mindplay - Series 1
Industrial Music For The Urban Decay
The Spalding Suite
Dos Guitarras Malagueñas
The Tribe
Cat In The Hat
Max Luthert Sextet
Phoenix Dance Theatre
Rest In Pieces: South Liverpool FC 1894-1994
King Lear
The Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Falling
Marius Neset
Tricia Porter: Liverpool Photographs 1972-74
Blood Wedding
My Clockwork Heart
Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage
Girl Friend
Force Majeure
The Art and Craft of Politics
Strangeways: Britain’s Toughest Prison Riot
Plastic Figurines
Beauty and the Beast
Jon Gomm
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Mixed Blessings at the Brink
The Absence Of War
Euripides’ Medea
Joan Armatrading
Visual Piano: Francesco Di Fiore
Krapp's Last Tape
International Women's Day Celebration Event
Still Alice
Liverpool International Jazz Festival
White God
Space Panorama and Ring Hands
It Follows
Catch Me Daddy
Until They Kick Us Out
Only in England
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
Metamorphosis of Japan After the War
Joan Laage: Strand and Stations
Love Is Strange
Educating Rita
Lion’s Den
Inherent Vice
This Last Tempest
American Sniper
Joanna MacGregor
Birdman: Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance
Blade Runner (The Final Cut)
Revealed: 1977-82
Sex And The Three Day Week
Staff Benda Belili
Winter Sleep
Black Sea
Little Red Riding Hood: A Rock 'N' Rock Panto
You Are My Sunshine
Venice's Janus Face
Scouse of the Antarctic
Flight To Arras
I Am Ali
The Homesman
The Cosmic Trigger Experience
The Imitation Game
DaDa Fest: Art Of The Lived Experiment
Bennie Maupin
Mary Pearson: The Sand Dog Cometh
David Mills, Gimme Some Sugar
All Quiet on the Western Front
Ovum Caper
Robert Heinecken: Lessons in Posing Subjects
Still The Enemy Within
Liverpool in the 1980s
Mr Turner
Transmitting Andy Warhol
The Fall Of The House Of Usher
The Possibilities Are Endless
JARMAN (All This Maddening Beauty)
Sonic Interactions
My Perfect Mind
Mystery Road
Tony Benn: Will and Testament
Delta Saxophone Quartet
Not About Heroes
The Judge
A Doll's House
Delta Saxophone Quartet
Bright Phoenix
Above The Beaten Track
Gone Girl
Perri and Neil Quartet - The Blue Project
Juno And The Paycock
John Moores Painting Prize 2014
United We Stand
The Judgement of Hakim
Mondrian and his Studios
The Miners Strike 1984-1985
A Most Wanted Man
Dalston Anatomy
Not All Documents Are Records: Photographing Exhibitions As An Art Form
Matchbox City
Dazzle Ship: Induction Chromatique a Double Frequence pour L’Edmund Gardner Ship/Liverpool
Liverpool John Moores Exhibition 2014
Two Days, One Night
James McNeill Whistler Exhibition
The Cornershop
Disobedient Objects
Big Society - The Musical
The Rover
State Terrorism Tour Featuring Immortal Technique
Finding Vivian Maier
A Needle Walks Into a Hay Stack
Richard Hamilton: Word and Image: Prints 1963-2007
Martin Hannett Tribute
Africa Oye 2014
WeBe40: News from Nowhere's Radical Book Fair & Spaces of Dissent
The Docks and Locks of Merseyside
Levi Tafari: From Great War to Race Riots
George Garret: A Stoker with Punch
Under Milk Wood
Sex and the Suburbs
Spy in the Camp
The Vanity of Small Differences
Hope Place
Dark Inventions: FIREWHEEL
The Lion King
Reign of Vampires
Alun Parry & Friends
The Michael Nyman Band
An August Bank Holiday Lark
The Grid
We Are The Best!
Gary Delaney Purist Tour 2014
Heart Variations for String Quartet
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Orb and Dave Seaman
Hello and Goodnight
The Events
After What Comes Before
The Double
Gary Blythe at the Williamson Art Gallery
A View from the Bridge
Under The Skin
Starred Up
How To Occupy An Oil Rig
The Debt Collectors
I Am A Voice
Twelfth Night
Ballard Of The Burning Star
In a Quiet Space
The Grand Budapest Hotel
I am a Voice
The Book Thief
Time to pull the Cosmic Trigger?
Keywords, Art Culture and Society in 1980s Britain
2nd Liverpool International Jazz Festival
Germaine Greer - Disappearing Women
Guitars And Other Machines
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