NERVE 24 - The Space Issue- Summer 2014

Editorial - Culture is Political Birth Defects at the Royal? Car Space
Coffee Houses: The World in Miniature? Coopers, Cases Street Fireweed - The Instant Gardener
Information Overload Libraries as a public place Network of Solidarity
Prison Space A Bookshop as a Space of Dissent - News from Nowhere at 40 Old Swan fight for disabled people's rights
‘Psychogeography’ - The advantage of a second language Poetry, Photographs and Artwork Stewart Lee talks to Nerve about Free Improv, Scooby Doo, and the dissolution of artistic expression
The Wellington Rooms - Why is this historic building rotting? Questioning the Privatisation of Public Space Unsafer Spaces
Round-up of Recommended Reads Scouse Café Society Language as a Space of Dissent
What Lies Beneath Tackling Homelessness The Flaneur
Whatever happened to the Podium? The wrong words, by the wrong man Urbane and countrified walks along the canal towards Bootle
Spacepunx: an interview with Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies Spaces for Sound Waves to Sparkle Photographing Dementia 'Time and Space'
Plaza Cinema - 75 Years Serving The Community The Bluecoat Display Centre - a unique space in Liverpool Time to pull the Cosmic Trigger?
IF you build it they will come….. This is Anfield Theatre of The Streets Jane Hughes - 'In a quiet space'
Artist Profile - David Colbran Artist Profile - Deborah Butler Artist Profile - Hassan Ismail
Artist Profile - Sandra Estrada