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Multi-Purpose ChemicalMulti-Purpose Chemical

By Alicia Rose

Meeting Multi-Purpose Chemical is like doing a sacred dance with four wannabe red hot Lambada lovers. Ross, Jim, Rob and Andres combined are 'MPC', a heavy metal band with a flipside style. They pull together from far flung corners of the globe such as California, Cheshire, Hampshire and Scotland and between them share rock stud attributes of a mere two piercings, one tattoo and zero nicotine stains or smells. They are for sure the cleanest, yet craziest rock gods to adorn the heavy urban stages of Liverpool and indeed the UK.

Jim, 23, is the Stockport quarter of the gang; he plays bass, is huge on facial grimacing in timing with his meteoric riffs and is definitively the ingratiating member. Andres, 30, hails from around the Bay Area of San Francisco; he's lead vocalist and finds copious glee in making colossal jumps from sizeable speakers, fizzing with energy, the boy is dynamite. Rob Hoey is the cheesy cat of the quad, the smart alec, the darn sweet talking cad from Hampshire, who plays his guitar with cardinal relish, exudes alpha force confidence and drinks beer for a hobby. Glaswegian Ross, 24, is the 'swing star' drummer who makes MPC complete. Banana yellow is the colour of his dream 'Drum Workshop' kit, so if anyone out there has one to give away…

The boys have been in each other's hair for an action packed three years; early performances saw them reach out and grab their audiences by the balls, shaking them to life with their political song tongue raging about the atrocities of war. MPC don't do ballads, their closest attempt has the wonderful lines ‘the reason I had you is not because I cared/the reason I had you is just because you were there’, such sweet words to woo the girls.

This year has seen them at their busiest. They have already trod the boards in Liverpool, Manchester, Exeter and most recently The Hub Festival at Otterspool Promenade (where moshers could hardly contain their sweaty little souls screaming out their love for the Multi-Purpose Chemicals). In blazing form and in the not too distant future the 'MPC'sters' will be in attendance at festivals in the Isle of Man, Oxford and onwards and upwards; to further their conquests they'll be jetting out to the Popkomm Festival in Berlin.

There is no end in sight for these rockers, as they climb atop the metal mountain pile. They are due to release their single, 'Human', in the next few weeks, their album, 'And Four More Ways To Fight', before the end of the year and then there's the crème de la crème video to accompany 'Human' which is described by Hoey as "Not a parody to the film Falling Down”. On top of all of the above, there are gigs galore penned into their sardined diary for which you can keep abreast (which is just how the boys like it) by going to or 'MPC TV' is heralding so if you can't get enough of them on stage, you can now spring them onto your PC and laptop too. Prepare yourselves for a hazardous slice of Multi-Purpose Chemical, coming at you with the health warning: 'Beware, Spontaneously Combustible Band'.


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