Edward RushtonForgotten Hero? But not by us!

By Bill Hunter

Reviewed by Ritchie Hunter

"Imagine a cold, wet, damp, Eighteenth century night, the kind of night when no one would leave their fireside. Whatever the cause, whatever the determination, whatever the meeting, Rushton was your man. Whether it be the English in Ireland, the Russians in Poland, or the great question of slavery. If you were without a name for your petition or without a speaker for your platform, Rushton was the man upon whom you would call."

These are the words of Steve Binns, a blind local historian at the start of this talking book about Edward Rushton. This book is not just about local history. It draws-on world political events and makes connections between freedom struggles, black and white. Rushton was a true internationalist who fought for the rights of common people.

This blind poet was an amazing man who should be given his rightful place in Liverpool's history. He doesn't have any streets named after him and he hasn't appeared on any Greatest Persons list. Yet!

Forgotten Hero is written by Bill Hunter and available at News from Nowhere on Bold St. The talking book version will be out in early March.