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Merseyside Resistance Calendar - June

Liverpool-born Jim Larkin (who inspired workers on both sides of the Irish Sea) with National Union of Dock Labourers. Painting by David Jaques in the Newz Bar, Water Street

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            1 1984: First Merseyside Latin American festival
2 3 1979: Formation of Liverpool Black Organisation (LBO) - this was effectively the first organisation of Liverpool black people
1889: Seamen's strike in Liverpool until 13 July
4 5 1919: Charles Wootton, 24-year-old black Liverpudlian, chased by white crowd and drowned in Queens Dock 6 7 1997: Last event at the Irish Centre on Mount Pleasant
1931: Africa Churches Mission opens on Hill Street
9 1972: First international strike action begins in Liverpool and Italy against Dunlop-Pirelli
1983: General election – Labour wins 5 out of 6 Liverpool seats - for 1st time in 20th century no Tory MPs represent Liverpool
10 1881: Irish republicans try to blow up Town Hall 11 2001: Refugees go on hunger strike over appalling conditions in Landmark flats 12 1992: First Africa Oye music festival 13 2001: Merseyside Against Detention formed to protest against jailing of asylum seekers 14 1911: Seaman initiate Liverpool General Transport strike
1832: ‘Brutus’ arrives back in Liverpool with 97 dead from cholera on board
16 1997: Rooftop protest to protect Irish Centre on Mount Pleasant
1984: Merseyside International Feminist Bookfair held at Central Hall, Renshaw St
17 1823: John Finch founds Socialist Hall in Lord Nelson Street
1937: Merseyside Left Theatre affiliates to Left Book Club Theatre Guild
18 1937: Merseyside Left Theatre Group perform Spanish civil war plays ‘Guernica’ and ‘Spain’
1896: First ‘Clarion’ women’s van distributes ‘soup and socialism’
19 1890: Women bookfolders and stitchers win reduction of working day to ten hours 20 (18-25th) 1937: Basque refugee children (from Spanish civil war) welcomed in Liverpool and Birkenhead 21 1992: Communities of Resistance conference marks 500 years of conquest
1980: Jimmy Kelly dies in police custody after being arrested
23 1913: 2,000 Farm workers from Speke to Scarisbrick strike for better conditions
1999: Garden Festival Campaign formed to preserve river frontage from development of more luxury housing
24 1996: Formation of James Larkin Republican Flute Band 25 1979: Third day of first week-long Liverpool Gay Pride celebrations
1994; March against racial terrorism by Campaign Against Police Abuse of Powers
26 27 1904:The ‘Secret in the Stone’ laid in the Anglican Cathedral foundations by Fred Bower and Jim Larkin
1905: Dock strike in Liverpool led by James Sexton and James Larkin (Eric Taplin)
1987: Granby Festival Against Apartheid
28 29
30 1998: First meeting of revived Liberty Hall       Also in this month
1848: Disturbance papers at Home office state that a special watch needs to be kept on Liverpool
1889: Liverpool tramwaymen's agitation for better working conditions. Liverpool Amalgamated Tramway and Hackney Carriage Employees Association formed but collapses 19 January 1890
1984: City Council defies government and sets an 'illegal budget' to maintain services. 47 councillors are later surcharged (23rd)

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