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Local News, Articles and Opinions

Turkey’s War on the Kurds and ISIS - 28/07/2015
On 24th July, the newspapers reported that Turkish fighter jets had, for the first time, struck ISIS targets in Syria and rounded up hundreds of suspected militants within its own borders. Later on that day, Turkish F16s and artillery began to pound PKK bases in Iraqi Kurdistan. So how have we ended up in this situation? It is the aim of this article by Thomas Phillips to explore the events leading up to the return to war. Part One and Part Two

Audition Notice – Doctor Faustus - Wed 12th August 2015
Burjesta Theatre are auditioning for their next production, a modernised adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's 16th century play - 'Doctor Faustus'. Doctor Faustus is a classic tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil and eternal damnation in hell in return for 24 years omnipotence on earth. Auditions will take place starting from 6.30pm on Wed 12th August at The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ. Read more

The mystery of the disappearing libraries! - 9/7/2015
Lovers of 'crime' novels were faced with a new mystery today at Sefton Park library - completely empty shelves in the 'Crime Section'. The crime section was deliberately targeted by a mass borrowing from members of the Save Liverpool Libraries campaign. Read more

LIV-BCN Preview - 9th - 11th July 2015
Showcasing the work of artists from Liverpool and Barcelona, cultural exchange LIV-BCN is set to take return to the city from 9 - 11 July 2015 with a programme featuring music, art and film. LIV-BCN will take place at The Kazimier, Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Small Cinema, and the Merseyside event complements the Barcelona edition that took place on June 12 - 13. Read more

Events for Rojava in Syria - 4th & 5th July 2015
The Revolution in Rojava - An afternoon of film with Kurdish speakers, music, art and poetry looking at the situation in Northern Syria and the Kurds. Saturday 4th July 2pm to 5pm, The Casa, Hope Street, L1.
Sponsored cycle ride for Rojava, Syria - Darren Guy is doing a 60 mile bike ride from Liverpool to Chester on 5th July for the charity Heyva Sor to raise much needed funds for Rojava in Syria. Read more

Post Election Blues - 15/6/2015
An analysis of the outcome of the British General Election by John Owen, a political activist and campaigner and long-term contributor to Nerve. Political activists across the country will be chewing over the General Election defeat for the Labour movement for a while, wondering who, what, why, where and when it happened. Read more

The Quarrymen Party - 11/6/2015
Lynda-Louise Tomlinson reports on the The Quarrymen Party held at St Peter's Church Hall, Woolton, where John Lennon performed with his band The Quarrymen in the church grounds on 6th July 1957 with a young James Paul McCartney watching with his school friend Ivan Vaughan. Later that day, Ivan introduced Paul to John in the church hall, "the most important meeting in popular music history". Read more

International Pop Overthrow Festival 2015 - 11/6/2015
New Nerve contributor Lynda-Louise Tomlinson extensively reviews the International Pop Overthrow Festival, now in its 13th year, staged at the Cavern Club and Pub. The festival boasts bands and singer / songwriters from Liverpool, the UK and across the world with back to back gigs at the Cavern Pub, Club and Live Lounge. Read more

Marx in Soho - Saturday 20th June 2015
A play by Howard Zinn being performed at The Casa, Hope Street.
Karl Marx has agitated with the authorities of the afterlife for a chance to clear his name. Through a bureaucratic error, though, Marx is sent to Soho in New York, rather than his old stomping ground in Soho, London, to make his case. The play introduces us to Marx's wife, Jenny, his children, the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, and a host of other characters. Read more

Call for artwork for exhibition on the 2015 election campaign - 29/5/2015
The Bullshit Gallery is looking for artists responses to all the bullshit we have endured during the 2015 election campaign. The Bullshit Gallery is what we are calling the act of displaying artworks of all media at DumBULLS, 2 Dublin Street, Liverpool, L3 7DT. Read more

'Blacklisted' - Interview with Dave Smith - 11/5/2015
Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain have written a book exposing how secret files held on workers by an organisation called 'The Consulting Association' have been passed between employers, the police and security services, and led to workers being stopped from earning a living. Dave Smith is currently on tour promoting the book and Ritchie Hunter interviewed him for Nerve. Read more

'Storytelling Directions'- Burjesta Theatre Workshops - Starting Wed 6th May 2015
In a new series of workshops Burjesta Theatre will be looking at how some of the world’s great dramatic writers put together their stories, narratives and plots and then looking at how to them out. They will examine how they used different techniques – 'starting in the middle of a chronology', ‘the big opening’, ‘withholding the hero’, ‘ironic knowledge of the audience' to name but a few. Read more

Become The Media - Starts Thursday 30th April, 1pm till 4pm
After a productive taster session at Leaf Cafe, Nerve and WEA are expanding this session into a 21 hour course on writing features that make a difference as well as looking at how we can make a positive impact on the media. The course begins on Thursday 30th April at Liverpool Central Library at 1pm till 4pm. Read more

‘Women Firsts’ @ Workers' Education Association - Starts Tues 28th April 2015
Following on from the success of the first Women’s Theatre Course earlier this year Mikyla Jane Durkan starts this new course with a series of 11 drama based workshops exploring the theme of ‘Firsts’ for Women – both in theatre i.e. acting on stage, playwrights and some key historical events and to explore their dramatization. Read more

Disability Election Debate - Monday 27th April 2015
Active Community Enterprise (ACE) by public demand are organising an election debate on Monday 27th April 2015, 1pm - 3pm, at Camp and Furness, 67 Greenland Street, L8. All the main candidates for the Riverside ward, including the present Labour MP Louise Ellman will be answering questions and giving their parties position on disability. Read more

Talkshop Event about Immigration - Wednesday 29th April 2015
WEA's next Talkshop event will look at immigration. You are welcome along whatever your beliefs to engage respectfully with those with different perspectives and experience. The event is free to attend and will be held in The Brink, 21 Parr Street, L1 4JN. The date of the event is Wednesday 29th April and the time is 7 - 9.30pm. Read more

WEA Talkshop on Housing Crisis - A Punter's View - 23/4/2015
The Workers Education Association have organised a series of debates in the run up to the election. They have proved very successful with their aim to encourage real engagement with politics. The most recent event focussed on the Housing crisis. Read more

'BLACKLISTED' - Launch of the book - Tues 28th & Wed 29th April 2015
'BLACKLISTED - The Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists' by Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain is to be launched on Tuesday 28th April, 6pm at the Unite building on Islington, with a book signing on Wednesday 29th April, 1pm in News from Nowhere Book Shop on Bold Street. The book exposes how companies collude with the police and the secret services to control workplace employment. Read more

'Medea' @ The Bombed Out Church - Saturday 18th April 2015
The darkest Greek Tragedy of them all - the terrible revenge of a woman savagely wronged, will be performed at Liverpool’s most iconic building and all for £3!! So come rain, wind, or sun - come and witness one of the greatest dramas of all time, Euripides’ Medea, still standing the test of time, 2,500 years on... Read more

Brunt Boggart Launch - Wednesday 13th May 2015
Launch of a new book of myth and fairytales by David Greygoose, with artwork by Cate Simmons, a film of images by First Take and music by Hannah James. Giles Lewis and Emily Portman accompany the launch and reading which is at the Bluecoat Arts Centre on Wed May 15th. Read more

Trade Union Freedom Rally - 3/4/2015
John Owen went along to the rally organised by the Campaign For Trade Union Freedom at the Adelphi Hotel on March 25th where approximately eighty trade unionists, community campaigners, and generally politically active people gathered to hear the high and the mighty, the great and the greater, and the so-called learned experts on hand, discuss and debate statistics economically gleaned from the learned tome. Read more

Crisis In Creative Confidence by Chumki Banerjee - 23/3/2015
Parameters of Perception - chemicals which alter minds: how I lost mine and found it again in Neil Campbell's music.
Review of Neil Campbell's CD Tabula Rasa and a bit of introspection by Chumki Banerjee. Read more

Local activist Gina Shaw champions campaign to create a dementia friendly society - 19/3/2015
Paul Tarpey interviews Gina Shaw, who after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, has been campaigning to create a dementia friendly society. The word ‘dementia’ carries a power in itself. The spectre often clouding realities. The image many of us have is not one that could easily be associated with Gina Shaw. She is, however, well aware of common misconceptions and has focussed her time since her own diagnosis on challenging them. Read more

Artists For Palestine - 18/3/2015
Artists for Palestine UK is a growing network of artists, cultural workers and activists who wish to make a stand in support of justice and equality for the Palestinians, and defend arts organisations and individuals who do make such a stand against politically motivated attacks and censorship. Read more

ACE Learning Disability disco takes new venue by storm - 11/3/2015
Active Community Enterprise (ACE), whose successful Tuesday discos closed down on Tuesday 10th March at Lloyds bar, moved into their new disco venue in style on the same day. ACE left their old Lloyds Bar Venue in a procession at 1.30pm and entered their new venue at 2pm, via Concert Square and Bold Street. The procession was lead by the Pied Fiddler of Liverpool, drummers and a numerous array of magical Liverpool characters. Read more

Raise The Roof For Housing Conference - 10/3/2015
Tracey Dunn reports from the Raise The Roof For Housing Conference held in Liverpool and hosted by Left Unity for 'those directly affected, all housing campaign groups and committed housing activists'. It was a very packed room with groups and individuals from all over the UK. There were many speakers who had ten minutes each to tell us about their campaigns. Speakers included the film maker Ken Loach, whose almost fifty-year-old film 'Cathy Comes Home' about a woman's struggle with homelessness and the welfare system has never been more relevant. Read more

I am not one of you - neither of you (About observers and observations) - 10/3/2015
Claudia Laštro who is a writer and activist from Germany living in Sarajevo, takes a look at the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
For five months now I have been living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina. I have six more months to go. During this time I have been repeatedly approached by friends and acquaintances asking me if I would consider writing a blog about my experiences. The idea of openly writing about my life here and the people I share it with provokes pure antipathy in me. Read more

The Vanitas Tradition in Western Art - 9/3/2015
This feature by Sandra Gibson was inspired by her watching the BBC drama series, Wolf Hall.
History aficionados will be waiting eagerly for Hilary Mantel to write the follow-up to the excellent Wolf Hall, the everyday story of Tudor wives, written about a time when power cuts did not so much apply to the candle bill but rather, affected the neck. The series on BBC 2 was permeated with the threat of death: from plague, from childbirth, from religious heresy, from rivalries at court. Read more

György Kepes: First solo show at Tate Liverpool - 6th March - 31st May 2015
Pippa Jane Wielgos looks at György Kepes' first solo show at Tate Liverpool which presents over 81 experimental photographic works comprising of 'camera-less' photograms, photography and photo-montages during his teaching in Chicago in the late 30's and 40's. Born in Selyp in Hungary (Budapest) in 1906, he trained as a painter at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Budapest), where he graduated in 1928. Read more

Become The Media - Thursday 5th March 2015 at 1pm
Launch of two new courses on writing features that make a difference with a taster session at Leaf Cafe on Thursday March 5th. This session will outline the two aspects of the courses; turning ideas into features and challenging how the media creates negative stereotypes. All experiences welcome. Read more

Fireweed - The Struggle for Power and Supplies on the Waterfront - 6/3/2015
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
As I walked along the quay of the Albert Dock I noticed piles of broken shards of mussel shells on the paving stones. It surprised me how much liquid was released by these shattered blue-black caskets of edible gold, which had already disappeared down the gullets of gulls. Of course, I had often watched blackbirds using the smash-shell-and-devour-snail technology of avian cuisine but this was the first time I had seen it used by gulls. Read more

No Austerity Conference - 3/3/2015
On Saturday 14th February, 2015 the most militant and most active forces in the city's campaign groups put differences aside and gathered together to help thrash out a policy to unify the anti-cuts movement against the growing tide of government cutbacks. All lines of inquiry, tactic stratagem and slogans - as well as the more traditional standing of candidates - wrestled against pro-cuts councilors. It was awkward, messy and protracted yet democratic and kept to the point. Read more

Wetherspoons Call Time on the Tuesday Disco for People With Learning Disabilities - 2/3/2015
Hundreds of people with learning disabilities are upset and confused at the decision by Wetherspoon to cancel their city centre ‘ACE discos’, that have been running every Tuesday for the past 9 years. Wetherspoon the owners of Lloyds Bar in Concert Square have decided that the disco is no longer for them and have decided to close their doors on the hugely successful Tuesday afternoon event, despite the fact that managers at Lloyds bar admit takings for food and bar are sometimes double that of any other day. Read more

New York City, for the Discerning Musician - 2/3/2015
For the musician with a sense of jet set adventure and an appetite for discovery and development of their craft, there is no better destination than New York City. Taking a bite at the Big Apple is like investing in a lifelong harmonious seed planting which, if nurtured through practice, will continue to bear fruit with that well known adage ‘what you sow so you shall reap’.... Intrepid travel across the pond can and will increase a performer’s insight and ability to enrich their business of making music, or at the very least, as part of a musical hobby horse it will be an engaging and eye opening time. Read more

© Jona Frank, The Modern KidsLOOK/15: Liverpool International Photography Festival - 15th May - 31st June 2015
LOOK/15, Liverpool’s third edition bi-annual International Photography Festival focuses its 2015 theme on EXCHANGE exploring interchanges through a series of exhibitions and events that look at MIGRATION, WOMEN & PHOTOGRAPHY and MEMORY. It will present emerging, mid-career and established local and international artists, including new commissions by Xavier Ribas of the University of Brighton, Ignacio Acosta (Chile), Jona Frank (USA), and the Liverpool photographer Tony Mallon. Read more

You Are Never More Than Six Feet From Rathole Radio - 27/2/2015
Dan Lynch is the voice of Rathole Radio. The online podcast has been one of Liverpool’s major underground success stories of recent years remaining resolutely independent and thoroughly entertaining. Dan wanted to be a musician from a young age. He also wanted to be John Peel. Then he threw into the mix a slow burning love of all things Internet. It has all collided with Rathole’s podcasts and Nerve spoke to him about his journey to cult internet stardom. Read more

Burjesta Theatre presents ‘Medea’ - Starting 23rd March 2015
The most shocking play from the Classical Greek Age from the pen of ‘that most tragic of tragedians’ - Euripides. Medea, lover of Jason has been abandoned by him for the King’s daughter and now faces exile for herself and her two young sons. But whosoever thinks Medea will passively accept her fate is dangerously mistaken. Read more

International Women's Day event at the Plaza - 8th March 2015
Celebrate International Women’s Day and the achievements of working class women, locally and throughout the world at the Plaza cinema on Sunday 8th March 2015 at 7.45pm. This FREE event, in partnership with Sefton UNISON, features a special screening of ‘Bread and Roses’ directed by Ken Loach and contributions from two remarkable local women. Read more

Liverpool Socialist Singers Benefit Concert for International Women's Day - 6th March 2015
With Paula Kelly-Ince, 67, Ffrench and Wwilliams, La Bomba, Vinny Spencer and Alun Parry. On Friday 6th March from 7pm - 10pm at St Bride's Church on Catharine Street. Tickets £5. Link to Poster

Sefton Park Meadows - 10/2/2015
Mayor Joe Anderson opposes the tree loss, but Redrow’s planning application is still going ahead. Make your objections by 19th February 2015! The campaign give 10 good reasons why save this green space should be saved. Read more

Fireweed - Perce-neige - 9/2/2015
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
By banishing leaves, winter reveals line and structure; in creating decay and cold temperatures it brings cultivated grass into prominence. The eye is struck by the fresh brightness of green in gardens and in public spaces, which contrasts so strongly with the brown of decay and the relative rarity of floral colour. Read more

Debating the Future of the NHS - 17th Feb 2015
The WEA are hosting an event with the focus on the NHS as part of their political engagement events. The NHS is likely to be a crucial talking point in the coming election and may even decide it so they feel it vital that people are given the opportunity to come and speak to others and hear their views on the NHS on what they feel is the best possible direction for it to take. 17th February at The Brink. Read more

Interview with Zoe Dronfield of I Want My Mummy, a project concerned with domestic abuse victims - 29/1/2015
Nerve writer Paul Tarpey interviewed a victim of domestic abuse, Coventry businesswoman Zoe Dronfield, who survived an attack that left her in hospital with devastating injuries. Her project, I Want My Mummy, has acted on behalf of thousands of women who have been victims of domestic abuse. Read more

International film from Argentina ‘The Take’ - 5th Feb 2015
The Take is a Canadian documentary film released in 2004 by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis. It tells the story of workers in Buenos Aires, Argentina who reclaim control of a closed Forja auto plant where they once worked and turn it into a workers cooperative. Read more

Nerve Calendar in Palestine! - 19/1/2015
Photograph showing Kefah Mansour, Friends of Freedom and Justice on the West Bank, getting a copy of the Nerve Calendar off Liverpool Friends of Bilin. See the photo...

Liverpool sculptor to be honoured at first ‘Dooleyday’ - 17th Jan 2015
One of Liverpool’s most famous sons, Arthur Dooley, is to be honoured with a day of events on January 17th with a walking tour, pub crawl, play read-through and documentary film screening form the basis of the inaugural ‘Dooleyday’. Read more

Burjesta Theatre Workshops - From 14/1/2015
Explore through our Theatre Laboratory an updated version of the medieval morality play ‘Everyman’ – transformed into ‘Everywoman’ and the resurrection of certain Norse myths aided by some Scouse Surrealism for two shows to be performed in July. Read more

Fireweed - Revelation - 7/1/2015
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
Winter exposes the bare-branched filigree wonder of our deciduous trees. For a brief time the emphasis is on linear structure rather than plenteous shapes and colours. This is not entirely true: the bareness of these trees also emphasises the evergreenery of conifers and ivies and reveals more sky, with its perpetually changing drama of colour. Read more

Courses for Adults: ‘Women’s Theatre’ - The 2nd Actor Takes The Lead - Starts: 13/1/2015
The course will provide an overview of women in theatre from a historical perspective. Explore roles and themes relevant to group through devising and extracts from classical pieces focusing on women as main characters and challenging traditional and historical views of women in the arts. Read more

Interview with Francesco Mellina - 6/1/2015
Paul Tarpey talks to Francesco Mellina whose book "REVEALED: Youth culture, pop culture, subculture The Photographs of Francesco Mellina 1977-1982" has just been published. If you have any interest in post-punk, new romantic or the fashions of many other rock movements you will have seen a picture he took and his book is a collection that focuses on a scene that developed from Eric’s in the late 70s but still inflames the city and its culture. Read more

Interview with Liverpool pop polymath Esa Shields - 15/12/2014
Liverpool alternative pop polymath Esa Shields recently issued an excellent debut LP Ovum Caper through underground vinyl only German label Gagarin Records. Long part of the city’s musical underground Esa’s music has sometimes been so subterranean discovery of it necessitated the kind of excavation equipment utilized in Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Richard Lewis from Nerve met up with him for an interview. Read more

Ben Nevis Mountain trek for the victims in Kobani - 15/12/2014
Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes as a consequence of the on-going struggle in Kobani. This fundraising event has been organised to raise money for those victims who are in desperate need of support. One of the participants, which takes place in March 2015, gives some background to the situation and what the money raised will be used for. Read more

‘All Together Now’: The Christmas Truce Statue - 15th - 21st Dec 2014
On 25th December 1914, as day dawned over a Flanders battlefield, soldiers who had faced each other in battle climbed out of their trenches and tentatively shook hands. Amidst this uneasy peace, someone produced a football and the war was left behind. The Christmas Truce Statue has been created to commemorate this and the most famous football game in history. Read more

Fireweed - Shudder - 10/12/2014
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
This morning I watched a rat walking along my garden wall. First it walked one way, then the other way. I watched it as it negotiated the grey coping stones and passed through and beneath bare and evergreen branches. It was so purposeful. Read more

Liverpool Playhouse & Everyman Spring Season Programme - 5/12/2014
A major revival of Willy Russell’s Educating Rita will open the Playhouse’s 2015 Spring Season. The Everyman season will begin with Associate Director Nick Bagnall’s fresh take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The second half of the season is marked by two world premières; a never-before seen Arthur Miller screenplay The Hook at the Everyman and the first ever stage adaptation of a Coen Brothers’ film will see The Hudsucker Proxy come to life on the Playhouse stage. Read more

Kurdish Charity Night for Kobani and Shengal - Wed 3rd Dec 2014
Kobani & Singal Charity Event to raise money for the people of Kobani under attack from ISIL, with performances from Koma Sersi (Band), Mansour Izadpanah (vocalist and guitarist), Hamid Nasaei (Tar Instrument), Koma Bikurdi (Band). Speakers for the night are: Doz Osman from Kobani, Ahmad Moslem from Kobani, and Alex Forster from Amnesty International. Read more


Fireweed - Glorious Sadness - 21/11/2014
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
Autumn is gloriously sad. This year summer has lingered into its frost free weather. Summer plants like sweet lavender and spicy nasturtiums coexist with autumn- and winter-flowering characters such as sorbet-yellow mahonia, with its serrated martial leaves, and fatsia, whose delicate white efflorescence looks like miniature fireworks. Read more

Liverpool Radical Film Festival 2014 - 13th - 16th November 2014
A diverse range of films, exhibitions, talks and social events will take place during the festival (13th November - 16th November) which will seek to challenge social, political and cultural perspectives. Events and films include The Film That Buys The Cinema, Radical Snippets, What’s going on in Rojava, Syria? and Gay Football Screening. Read more

Audition Notice - Medea by Euripides - Wed 26th Nov & Wed 3rd Dec 2014
Auditions for Burjesta Theatre's Spring 2015 production of an original adaptation by Liverpool-based writer and poet Jonathon Bibby of Euripides' 'feminist' play, Medea. Written in 431 BC by Euripides Medea is a shocking play with quite possibly theatre’s greatest female protagonist. Read more

Resistance to WW1: drawing inspiration 100 years on... Sat 15th and 29th Nov 2014
Course starting on November 15th exploring the diverse groups who resisted WW1 - the women’s movement, trade unionists, movements in the colonies, religious groups... and what inspiration we can draw from their values and actions in the search for alternatives to war in our contemporary world. Read more

Interview with Liverpool band Etches - 5/11/2014
Paul Tarpey from Nerve interviewed experimental Liverpool band Etches, who have just released their second single, 'Ice Cream Dream Machine'. If you like your pop curdled but still tempting then you don’t have to shop elsewhere. Etches are making the kind of music that gets into your bloodstream without you knowing the damage has been done. Melody isn’t a dirty word to them but they do like to mess their melodies up. Read more

James Jamieson Memorial Event - Sat 8th November 2014
On Saturday 8th November at Baltic Social, Parliament Street, there will be a memorial fundraising event to celebrate the life of James Jamieson. Many of you will have known him, worked with him and almost certainly drank with him. Read more

Visits to Parliament Square during Occupy Democracy Week - 27/10/2014
Tracey Dunn went to Parliament Square where people had decided to occupy the square for a week starting the night before the 'Demonstration against Austerity' march. The first night ended very early the next morning with almost everyone being arrested for trespassing. People were being invited to come along to learn, discuss and participate. Read more

Blue Ocean Planet - 24/10/2014
Colin Serjent from Nerve spoke to Carlee Graham, founder of environmental group Blue Ocean Planet, who talked, among other ecology-related topics, about the various projects they run to raise awareness about the profound problems facing the global ecosystem. Read more

Burjesta Theatre presents All Quiet on the Western Front - 14th, 15th, 17th, 19th 22nd Nov 2014
Erich Maria Remarque's classic anti-war novel brought to the stage.
Europe 1914. The outbreak of hostilities begins World War I. Paul Baumer and his school mates enlist in the German army and soon find themselves alongside millions of others fighting on the Western Front. None could have imagined the horrors they are to experience...And none of them will return home quite the same... Read more

Review of the GMB ‘Campaigns For Justice’ Conference - 13/10/2014
Minnie Stacey writes about the GMB "Campaigns For Justice" Conference which took place in Liverpool in September, the first of its kind. Neil Findlay, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Lothian, observed ‘There are common threads for all campaigns against state power and it is our duty to resist. I hope this is the start of something - we owe it to ourselves and our class.’ Read more

3 articles from the Nerve Writers Group - 8/10/2014
Diane Jansen writes about the closure of the Liverpool Academy of Arts, Graffiti on the Cell Wall? by Sandra Gibson about human expression, and a letter to 'Uncle Joe' Anderson about the cuts to Council services.

Interview with Mixnots - 7/10/2014
The Mixnots or CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix are a DJ collective from Liverpool with an irreverent DIY approach that has annoyed some purists but put fun back on the agenda. We interviewed all of them before their support slot with DJ Yoda at East Village Arts on 9th October and this is the mix we came up with. Read more

Business Booming for Crafty Birkenhead Company - 7/10/2014
A ‘crafty’ Birkenhead business is becoming so popular that it has now increased the size of its business unit for the third time this year. Inkymits is owned by mixed media artist Maria Simms, who sells craft sets and products and runs popular workshops to teach people how to make the most of their creative side. Read more

Historian Dr Hakim Adi book launch - Fri 3rd Oct 2014
This coming Friday historian Dr Hakim Adi launches his new book Pan-Africanism and Communism: The Communist International, Africa and the Diaspora, 1919-1939 at the University of Liverpool. Based on research in Africa, Russia, the US, Britain and France, the book examines the relationship between the Communist movement and the global struggle for the liberation of Africa and the African Diaspora during the inter-war period.
The Taylor Room, Sydney Jones Library, The University of Liverpool, Abercromby Square, Liverpool, L7 7BD on Fri 3rd October at 5.30pm. More info

Fireweed - Putting on a Front - 29/9/2014
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
When a Member of Parliament claimed expenses for the maintenance of his moat we ordinary folk were scandalised, partly because such considerations belong in the mediaeval backwoods of hierarchical dominance. Yet we all have a version of the moat - in most cases it’s our front garden and it represents a protective buffer between our ‘castle’ home and the badland wastes beyond our gate. Read more

Control 25 - Liverpool's first 1-to-1 performance event - 8th Nov 2014
Happening in everyday spaces and places in Liverpool, Control 25 invites audience members/participants to surrender, share and take control as they go on a solo voyage around the streets of the city. 8th November 2014, 12pm onwards. Read more

Interview with DJ Yoda - 25/9/2014
Duncan Beiny, aka DJ Yoda, began a mission over a decade ago to put a smile back on hip-hop’s surly face. This aim has been achieved with some of the most inventive mixtapes you can drop into pockets. Paul Tarpey chatted to him about his style and what to expect at his upcoming gig at the East Village Arts Club on November 9th. Read more

WEA Debate On Inequality - 14th October 2014
"Men are born equal but some are more equal than others" (George Orwell).
Toxteth TV, based on Windsor Street are hosting a free talkshop debate on Tuesday 14th October (6pm - 8.30pm) on the many issues regarding inequality in the UK. Read more

Fracking comes to Merseyside - 8/9/2014
The government keeps spouting that Fracking is the answer to our energy security, but what is immediately and fundamentally wrong with this assertion is that these last dash attempts to monetise our remaining fossil fuels will leave us far from secure. Liverpool, the Wirral, St.Helens and Ellesmere Port and surroundings areas are heavily under threat from these new dangerous technologies. Read more

Ethel Singleton Tribute - 8/9/2014
Ethel Singleton, who died on Wednesday night aged 81, was an activist in both Abercromby and Kirkby. Here is a tribute created by Gerry Cordon, one of the student radicals who supported the 1969 tenants struggle against the Liverpool University. Read tribute

Public outrage over threats to close library - 5/9/2014
70 people packed the local community centre in Lark Lane to hear of the threatened plans to axe 11 libraries including local Sefton Park branch. A large audience sat to listen to local children’s author Alan Gibbons detail the plans of the council cost cutting measures. Read more

Interview with Immortal Technique - 4/9/2014
The levels to which the mainstream has attempted to co-opt the voice of hip hop culture is testimony to its ability to empower.The pride and passion of many early artists was soon extricated from the message and fed back to the public as arrogance and greed. The foundations have proved strong though and those artists who strived to keep debate at the centre of the culture are finding a means to stay independent and to reach an audience hungry for honesty. One of the most determined and skillful voices belongs to Felipe Andres Coronel, aka Immortal Technique. Read more

Wirral Earth Fest Announces Musical Line Up - Sept 12th - 13th 2014
The second Wirral Earth Fest returns for some good green fun at St Bridget’s Church, West Kirby on September 12th for an evening time launch and continues on September 13th with a day of music, food & drink, workshops, children’s activities and more besides. With two weeks to go until the festival takes place it’s time to announce the music based content of the festival, following a very successful first year in 2013. Read more

Meadows not Redrows: Save Sefton Park Meadows - 28/8/2014
Local campaigners vow to save the Meadows after Liverpool City Council announces its choice of Redrow Homes North West as the preferred developer to attempt to secure the essential planning consents before the Meadows are sold and 'exemplar' executive housing is built on the beautiful green space of Sefton Park Meadows. Read more

Click for poster of the courseMuddied Waters - the First World War Reflected in the Arts' - 16/9/2014
Mikyla Durkan of Burjesta Theatre is running this course for the WEA starting Tuesday 16th September 2014. This course offers a series of workshops featuring the theatre, cinema, literature, poetry and painting from 1914 - 1918 and how art reflected the realities of a wartime Europe. The course will also include session on a selection of scenes from an adaptation of All Quiet on The Western Front. More info

Four Poems by Tom George - 22/8/2014
Four poems by Tom George including On The Other Side of The Wall, written about the conflict in Gaza, plus Tender Memories, Don't Ask Me Why and Neville's Scared Of Spiders. Read more

Purplecoat travel the UK and Ireland with new show - 22/8/2014
Liverpool's PurpleCoat are hitting the road next month after they take Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night on tour across the UK and Ireland. Supported by Stephen Fry, the RSC and National Theatre, and well into development of their first feature film, this will be PurpleCoat’s first tour. Read more

GMB ‘Campaigns For Justice’ Conference - Fri 5th & Sat 6th Sept 2014
GMB has organised a 2 day “Campaigns for Justice” conference at John Moores University in Liverpool on Friday and Saturday 5th & 6th September with speakers from the different campaigns for justice for those who have suffered as a consequence of powerful forces thinking they are above the law. Read more

Fireweed - Summer Fantasy and Beyond - 18/8/2014
Column by Sandra Gibson which celebrates the persistence of wildlife in urban conditions.
During the summer season the media offer us the experience of a spacious and gracious life outdoors. I am struck by a magazine photograph of garden chairs so elegant they seem like sculpture, so fragile you wouldn’t risk sitting on them and so expensive they need a security guard. Read more

Burjesta Theatre - Greek Theatre Workshops - Starts Wed 20th Aug 2014
'The Origins of Drama' - 2500 years ago theatre left behind its religious roots and took its first steps to create the dramatic forms we have today, in the process producing some of the most dramatic stories the world has ever seen. Burjesta Theatre are running a 12-week course of workshops dedicated to exploring Classical Greek Theatre. Read more

Campaign against proposal to close 11 libraries - 15/8/2014
Liverpool Council’s proposal to close or hand over to volunteers eleven of the existing nineteen libraries is a major blow to the cultural life of the city and attempts to promote reading. To take one example, if Walton, Fazakerley and Spellow Lane libraries were all to close, north Liverpool would be a cultural wasteland, with users of the service having to travel to Norris Green, Croxteth or into town. Read more

Big Society The Musical receives its Liverpool Premiere - Sun 17th Aug 2014
This much anticipated feature film produced by local award-winning Production Company First Take receives its Liverpool Premiere as part of the Liverpool International Music Festival. With 15 original musical numbers and over 300 local people involved in the making of the film this is a homegrown spectacle not to be missed. Read more

Shelved (The song of the book) by Elspeth McLean - 11/8/2014
Poem written about the abandoned books in Great Homer Street Library.

Up here at the top it’s a bit of a squeeze
We’re cover to cover in line
It’s been a long time since we felt a fresh breeze
Or the warmth of a hand on a spine - Read more

Liverpool To Let - 5/8/2014
This weekend, whilst walking past Liverpool's Town Hall, Tracey Dunn and Colin Serjent noticed that in every direction there were 'TO LET' or 'FOR SALE' signs on many buildings. From Water Street to Castle Street and even behind the Town Hall at Exchange Buildings there were large amounts of vacant offices or shops. Read more

Photos from Gaza demo in Liverpool and petition to cancel contracts with security company G4S - 5/8/2014
Images of the demonstration and pickets that took place in Liverpool on Sat 2nd August 2014 against the Israeli bombing of Gaza and UK companies involvement with Israel. Plus a petition by Liverpool friends of Palestine calling on Liverpool City Council to cancel their contracts with the security company G4S who are complicit with Israel's illegal actions in Gaza. Read more

Hits Like a Girl: Interview with film makers Harry Sherriff and Marie Hazelwood - 31/7/2014
Film makers Harry Sheriff and Marie Hazelwood have recently completed shooting their debut short film feature Hits Like a Girl which won funding from the BFI and Creative England as part of their inaugural iShorts competition. Nerve met up with them for an interview. Read more

Peaceful Giants - 29/7/2014
Ritchie Hunter has another look at the visit of the Giants to Liverpool:
On Lime St, there was cheering and clapping as the elderly woman came down the middle of the road. But this wasn't the giant granny – it was just an old lady pushing a shopping trolley, trying to get to the other end. When she realised everyone was cheering her, she smiled graciously. Around the corner, we stood at the side of the road holding peace banners, trying to counter the glorification of war. Read more

Audition Notice - All Quiet on the Western Front - 13/8/2014
Burjesta Theatre are holding auditions for their 9th production to date, an in-house adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque's classic anti-war novel 'All Quiet on the Western Front' on Wednesday 13th August. It is set in World War I, and seen from the perspective of ordinary German soldiers, both at the front fighting with the French and British and also on the Home Front. There are plenty of parts and not exclusively for men with significant parts for women too. Read more

Gaza Protest in London - 24/7/2014
John Owen reports from the march held in London on July 19th against the Israeli bombing of Gaza.
"From a warm and sunny Liverpool just coming awake the pitta patter of tourist feet and squeak of luggage in search of cheap digs a coach miraculously appeared to whisk promptly in 6 hours to London.
The group slowly morphed together over the journey that was to become the Liverpool friends of Palestine contingent going away to make our mark and protest over the bombing of Gaza by Israel."
Read more

Quaker Veggie Cafe open for business! - 21/7/2014
Liverpool Quakers and Blackburne House are committed to equality and to building community. That's why the opportunity to open a new venue in the centre of Liverpool was too hard to resist. The vegetarian cafe will offer a broad menu with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal with Pam our pastry chef making cakes and pastries daily. All profits generated by the cafe will support the charitable aims of the organisations, such as providing bursaries for women to access training and developing work around concerns for poverty and sustainability. Read more

BBC bias protest and "Rockets in the Free World?" - 18/7/2014
Images of the Demonstrations that took place in Liverpool about the attacks on Gaza and outside the Neil Young concert over his decision to play Tel Aviv. See photos

Click for posterArtists Wanted for the Liverpool Academy of Arts final exhibition - 18/7/2014
The Liverpool Academy of Arts have been in Seel Street for over 25 years but they have to vacate the building at the end of August and their future looks uncertain. For their final exhibition they are holding an open exhibition (but this time with no specific theme) and are asking for people to show their skills with colour, shapes, texture etc. Entries have to be in by July 28th and the exhibition runs from Wed 6th August to Thurs 28th August 2014. More info

Liverpool International Carnival and The World in Princes Park Festival - Sat 12th July 2014
Dance along to the mighty drumming sound of KalentuRa from the Netherlands and catch the highest stilt walkers around from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Liverpool International Carnival is an explosion of costumes, dance and music and sets off at midday from the City of Liverpool College, Myrtle Street, making its way through Toxteth and coming to rest in Princes Park. The World in Princes Park will be bursting with exciting new collaborative productions, home grown talent, cultural food and activities for all the family to enjoy and takes place from 1pm - 7pm, Sat 12th July. More info

Liverpool IWW, the Internet and Len McCluskey's Great Escape - 4/7/2014
What happened when Len McCluskey, boss of the Unite union, was due to attend a screening at FACT, and the Industrial Workers of the World announced they would be holding a picket outside in solidarity with workers at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton, who are holding regular strikes for a London Living Wage of £8.80 an hour. Read more

Everyman & Playhouse Autumn Season - 1/7/2014
The Everyman & Playhouse theatres are looking ahead to an autumn season featuring three ambitious new productions, full of invention and humanity. Juno and the Paycock, Sex and the Three Day Week and Bright Phoenix have been created to reflect our time and place and the theatres’ desire to be daring and create plays that connect the theatrical inventors of the present and future to the heartbeat of the city. Read more

The World in One City - Sunday 6th July 2014
One World Festival 2014 will celebrate the multiplicity of cultures in Liverpool and feature a cultural fusion via Street Arts, Animation, Music, Dance, Acrobatics and Carnival artists, presenting an artistically diverse programme bringing the city centre to life and turning it into a powerful cauldron of global arts. Read more

Liverpool Calling - Saturday July 26th, 2014
Having sold out across St. Luke’s Bombed Out Church and The Shipping Forecast in its debut year, Liverpool Calling has grown into a huge one day event for 2014, spanning across 10 city centre venues and hosting over 50 acts. Joining the acts already announced are scouse legends Space, indie-rock starlets The Repeat Offenders and dance music’s new darlings D R O H N E. Read more

TEN - Saturday 5th July to Friday 10th October 2014
The Cornerstone Gallery is ten years young this summer and to mark this occasion is presenting an anniversary exhibition titled TEN, starting on Saturday 5th July until Friday 10th October 2014 to coincide with the Liverpool Independents Biennial. The Gallery has hosted seventy-three exhibitions within the last ten years. Read more

The Good Samaritan - Short story by Sharon Riley - 27/6/2014
Walking in Princes Park on a sunny, autumn afternoon and 'It's oh so quiet' now – as in Bjork's song title – but I remember the Brouhaha Festival in July when the multitudes gathered see the parade enter the park followed by live music and a riot of colours.
Then, seeing the tennis courts, I give a wry smile recalling how I first learned how to cycle there in 2005! Also that February when the park was covered in a white blanket with the snow flakes drifting down from the heavens, making it look not too dissimilar to Narnia.
Read more

Burjesta Theatre Workshops - Portraits of Liverpool - From 25/6/2014
Burjesta Theatre are beginning a new series of workshops entitled 'Portraits of Liverpool'. They're working on nine stories that workshop participants have come up with, true stories they've witnessed in Liverpool over the last six months. Some are dramatic and intense, some touching. There are funny ones, ones full of pathos and some just plain weird! Read more

Africa Oye Preview 2014 - Sat 21st and Sun 22nd June 2014
Chumki Banerjee looks at the line-up for this years Africa Oye which includes Misty In Roots, Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate, Abdoulaye Samb and Minnjiaraby, and Finley Quaye and is on the weekend of 21st and 22nd of June in Sefton Park, Liverpool. Plus an interview with Kenny Murray,
the founder of the festival. Read more

Byrd Song - Short story by Andrew Lee-Hart - 13/6/2014
I am not sure if it was the music of William Byrd that drove Saul mad, or whether he was already mad and just looking for a trigger. In the end it doesn't matter, and anyway, last time I saw him he seemed in a state of ecstasy that few can reach. God knows where he is now.
We worked together in the old central library in Angel Row Nottingham, now demolished and replaced by something more modern and high tech. Outside the city centre where it is cheaper to build things.
Read more

Berlin's Radical Underground - 12/6/2014
By Tom George: "My first visit Berlin six years ago coincided with the global financial system going into meltdown. It was all over every screen in my hostel, with panicked-looking people in suits trying to explain incomprehensible columns of figures. But I wasn't there as a financial journalist; I was on a mission to explore a very different universe which exists at the heart of Germany's capital - the radical underground of Berlin..." Read more

'Turning Green to Brown' - 5/7/2014 - 10/8/2014
John Davies has an international reputation for his B&W photographs of dramatic urban landscapes but during May this year he decided to make a series of colour portraits of people who are regular visitors to Sefton Park Meadows in Liverpool. Many people, who may have otherwise refused to have their picture taken, were positive because their image might help promote awareness of the potential loss of these ancient and valued Meadowlands. Read more

“The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living” - 26th June – 26th July 2014
To run in advance of and concurrently with the Liverpool Biennial one of the distinctive artistic installations will feature a derelict shop window, which will in the evening open its shutters to host a vast water tank of 20 living jellyfish. Read more

Geoghegan Jackson: Supporting the Breast Cancer Campaign - 7/6/2014
Geoghegan Jackson are delighted to be supporting the Breast Cancer Campaign by staging a fundraising gig at the Lomax on June 7th. Entrance is free – but donations (£4.00 waged/£2.00 unwaged) are encouraged. Geoghegan Jackson are an exciting acoustic duo based in Liverpool, UK, playing original indie/folk music and gigging widely. Read more

The Balkans Hit by Devastating Floods - 20/5/2014
You can be forgiven for not knowing, that whilst the media has been focusing its euro attention on Nigel Farage and the Eurovision song contest that during April and May the Balkans (also in Europe) has been hit by largest floods in decades, leaving dozens dead and ten of thousands of people without food, security or shelter. Read more

George Garrett Archive - 3rd - 31st May 2014
Going to the newly refurbished Liverpool Central Library is a weird experience. With its shiny up-to-the-minute feel, it serves as a hint of what public services could be like, if only a decent amount of resources were dedicated to them. On the other hand, it also doubles as an excuse for Liverpool council to point to as they devastate public services - including public libraries - and the lives of the people who rely on them. Read more

Towards the Cheese - Urbin Flack - 12/5/2014
Urbin Flack's new short story collection TALES FROM THE VALCRO ROOM VOLUME 3 is out now. Available in News From Nowhere for £2.
I write this down not because I need to make a point and not because I feel the behavioural approach to life needs one more jot of justification. I merely obeying a compulsion that has served me well so far (and which I perhaps execute with some skill). Read more

Stealing Sheep at Livestock - 25th May 2014
Part of Farm Feast 2014 on Sunday 25th May, Peter Hook and the Light are the confirmed headline act playing a mix of Joy Division and New Order tunes, Stealing Sheep are supporting and have recently supported huge music acts such as Alt- J, Vampire Weekend and St.Vincent. Read more

The Vanity of Small Differences - 16th May – 10th August 2014
A series of six tapestries by the Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry will be shown this summer at the Walker Art Gallery as part of Liverpool Biennial 2014. Produced in 2012 as part of the documentary BAFTA award winning Channel Four series “In the Best Possible Taste”, they analyse the ideas of taste held by the different social classes of the United Kingdom. Read more

Review of Liverpool: City of Working Class Resistance and News from Nowhere’s 40th Birthday - 8/5/2014
John Owen reviews the Liverpool: City of Working Class Resistance and News from Nowhere’s 40th Birthday events held at the Adelphi Hotel on Saturday 3rd May, 2014.
“Life begins at 40”, “100 is the new 30”, with this in my deteriorating cranium and addled mind I expected to find some people eluding the Grim Reaper’s call, people who should have let go of the reins long ago. Read more

Liverpool: City of Working Class Resistance & News From Nowhere's 40th Birthday Party
2 events on May 3rd 2014 at the Adelphi Hotel. From 11.30am Liverpool: City of Working Class Resistance with talks, discussions, film, music and poetry.
From 5pm News From Nowhere's 40th Birthday Party with live music from Dead Belgian, River Niger Orchestra, Bolshy, Saytr Play. Read more

Click for posterThe Docks and Locks of Merseyside - 23rd May - 1st June 2014
An exhibition by Jan Sear presenting a visual record of the Liverpool and Birkenhead docks before they disappear from our landscape.
At Lark Lane Community Centre from Friday 23rd May – Sunday 1st June, 11am-5pm.

Production of Doctor Faustus - Fri 25th & Sat 26th April 2014
The Brimstone players present Doctor Faustus, written by Christopher Marlowe and performed at the Valley Community Theatre, Childwall Valley Road, Belle Vale, Liverpool, L27 3YA on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th April 2014, 7.30pm start.
Tickets are £7 or £5 concessions. Book online at
Enquiries and reservations: 07973 930 271

This Way for Titanic Housing - 15/4/2014
People walking along Lime Street might have noticed that the former station hotel which has been student housing for many years has recently undergone a name change. The sign that used to announce ownership by Cosmopolitan Student Homes has been replaced by Sanctuary Students. The same has happened with Cosmopolitan Housing signs everywhere else. What happened? Read more

Burjesta Theatre presents ‘Reign of Vampires’ - Starts May 10th 2014
In the 19th century Karl Marx used the vampire as a metaphor for the capitalist class he saw around him. We've taken his idea and applied it to the 21st century, thrown in a bit of 'Blade', a sprinkling of Jason Bourne and a great soundtrack of music to get your feet tapping and your hips swaying. Read more

Interview with Love ArtUK - 10/4/2014
Over the last year or so the word LOVE has been appearing around Liverpool city centre. Spray-painted onto walls and pavements it is the work of urban artist Love ArtUK who was a tank soldier for twelve years before having a mental breakdown brought on by his experiences in the forces. Returning home and attempting suicide he found himself in psychiatric care. It was whilst in hospital that he began painting in the occupational therapy department. It was here that Love ArtUK was born. Read more

Vinyl Addiction, My Plastic Predilection & Pushers Tales - Part 3 - 7/4/14
In the third of a three part series on her addiction to vinyl records, Chumki Banerjee interviews Geoff Davies of Probe and Probe Plus. An omniscient child of a certain time, place and musical climate, Geoff literally pulled the rug from under his own feet, quitting the carpet showroom, taking a trip in more ways than one to float his own magical mystery carpet, Liverpool’s first independent record shop, Probe. Read more

Nerve FACT statement - 2/4/2014
Nerve and FACT have collaborated closely in the past, and this has been productive for both organisations, so we are hugely disappointed that FACT have decided to dismiss workers and then use zero hour contract staff or volunteers to fill their jobs. It is with regret that we have to announce that, unless FACT reconsider their position with regards to these changes in working conditions, we can no longer work with them. Read more

Vinyl Addiction, My Plastic Predilection & Pushers Tales - Part 2 - 31/3/14
In the second in a three part series Chumki Banerjee subjects Bob Packham from Cult Vinyl and Carl from Hairy Records to cross-examination.
Next week will have Geoff Davies from Probe Records. Read more

Vinyl Addiction, My Plastic Predilection & Pushers Tales - Part 1 - 24/3/14
In the first in a three part series Chumki Banerjee reveals her love for vinyl records and explores the remaining places in Liverpool that feed her addiction. Parts Two and Three in the following weeks will have interviews with Bob Packham from Cult Vinyl, Carl from Hairy Records and Geoff Davies from Probe Records. Read more

Barton Moss: brutally arrested woman charged with assaulting police! - 21/3/2014
"The Tactical Aid Unit appear out of control" Simon Pook, solicitor. Monday's brutal arrest of Barton Moss protector and mother of three, Vanda, by Greater Manchester Police Tactical Aid Unit shocked tens of thousands of people around the world who viewed the disturbing film and still images. Yesterday, incredibly, Vanda was charged with assaulting the police and jailed at Styal Prison for a week until her court hearing on 25th March. Full details here

The Penis Monologues come to Liverpool for an April Fools Special Debut - Tues 1st Apr - Fri 4th Apr 2014
This April The Nomadic Academy for Fools brings their unique improvisational theatre to Liverpool with The Penis Monologues. To date the show has had three sell-out performances in Bristol and Glastonbury, Somerset and has just returned from a successful run in London. Read more

International Women's Day Demonstration at Liverpool Town Hall - 10/3/2014
Activists chained themselves to the railings of Liverpool Town Hall on Saturday 8th March 2014 to protest the impact of national and local government cuts on women, this International Women’s Day. They borrowed a direct action tactic and dress style from suffragettes, to highlight their opinion that the interests of women are still not represented by those in elected office, and call for women to organise resistance against cuts which disproportionately affect them. Read more on the AWOL Blog

Orb In Liverpool - 29th March 2014
Legendary ambient house progenitors and international club favourites The Orb are set to return to East Village Arts Club in Liverpool on Saturday 29th March for a special late night show. With dancefloor friendly chart hits like ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ and ‘Toxygene’ The Orb were at the forefront of ambient house, securing their place as icons in the electronic music history books. Read more

trash city - 14th - 22nd March 2014
An English photographer finds himself in Chicago. Exhibition of photography by Robert Harrison runs from 14th - 22nd March at the Art Gallery, 30 Stanley Road, Bootle, L20 2AA. The Art Gallery is a new independent space in Liverpool specialising in outsider art and alternative photography. Opening night 14th March.

Introducing Celtic Bazaar - 1/3/2014
Celtic Bazaar started life in 2008 with a series of contemporary folk and blues concerts at the Old Police Station in Lark Lane and the aim of the nights is to present the best of music with the emphasis being on supporting local, emerging and established singer/songwriters and bands. Every third Friday of the month at The Pilgrim (upstairs) in Pilgrim Street. Read more

HOPE Fest 2014 - 8th - 9th March 2014
The first ever HOPE Fest is a two-day music festival, in aid of The HOPE Project (a young, volunteer-led organisation which helps the homeless) and will be held over the weekend of 8/9th March 2014 at The Brink and Lomax respectively. Featuring 30 acts including Osaka Punch, Joe Symes & The Loving Kind, Field Trip to The Moon. Read more

Science Fiction: New Death - 27th March – 22nd June 2014
A major contemporary science fiction exhibition will be at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool between 27 March – 22 June 2014. Artists will present works which explore how technology is creating new ways of living (and dying) making our everyday lives feel increasingly like science fiction. Read more

Cuts and more Cuts - 17/2/2014
On the 5th March 2014 Liverpool Council will vote in more cuts. According to the Guardian, Liverpool is the poorest place in the country, and will be the most deeply cut of all by nearly twice the national average. With 56% of its funding gone, it will now cut 25% of statutory adult and children social services, with mass closures of adult day centres and children's centres, with more libraries and swimming pools going. Read more

Cultural Visit to Liverpool by the President of Somaliland - 7/2/2014
Tracey Dunn was invited by a friend, who teaches Somali children in Toxteth, to attend this event at the Devonshire Hotel in Edge Lane which is not far from where many of Liverpool's Somaliland community live around Lodge Lane, Toxteth. The President, Ahmed Mohamed Mohaoud, studied at London and Manchester Universities in the 1960's taking a bachelor's degree in economics. Read more

V-Day Liverpool 2014 - 14/2/2014
V-Day Liverpool 2014 Presents A Benefit Reading of The Vagina Monologues with Migrant Artists Mutual Aid and friends. On February 14th, 2014, at 7.30pm, V-Day Liverpool will present a one-night only benefit reading of Eve Ensler's award winning play The Vagina Monologues at The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Hope University. Read more

Dorothy Kuya - Obituary - 14/1/2014
Dorothy Kuya died on 23rd December 2013 after a short illness aged 81. Dorothy was a tireless campaigner against discrimination and racism and she has been variously been described as a cultural historian (reflected in her interests in African culture and heritage), a political activist (member of the British Communist Party from a young age), a community champion (a leading member of Granby Residents Association). Read more

Kodo at the Philharmonic Hall - 19/2/2014
Kodo are back in Liverpool, by popular demand, with a brand new show, never been seen before on Wednesday 19th February 2014 at 7.30pm. They are famous for spectacular, athletic stage shows (which inspired Stomp and Cirque du Soleil) and a dedication to preserving all traditional Japanese culture. Read more

Project XXX by Laid Bare Theatre - 14/1/2014
Laid Bare Theatre will take multimedia theatre show Project XXX on a 10 performance date tour of the Northwest region in January and February 2014. This dark, romantic comedy explores the mainstreaming of internet pornography, the changing face of technology and its impact on human relationships and a young person’s burgeoning sense of self. Read more

Burjesta Theatre Auditions - History of the Vampires - 1st Feb 2014
Burjesta Theatre are auditioning for their latest production 'History of the Vampires' on Saturday 1st February at The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool from 12pm onwards. Audition will be in the form of a workshop followed by script reading and an informal chat afterwards and will last a few hours in total. Read more

Liverpool Jazz Festival 2014 Launched - 27th Feb - 2nd March 2014
The Capstone Theatre, organiser of Liverpool International Jazz Festival 2014, is delighted to announce four new acts for the festival as it officially launches its second year. Liverpool International Jazz Festival is back and will run from Thursday 27th February – Sunday 2nd March 2014, promising to be even bigger and better than its 2013 debut, when audiences were treated to four days of the finest artists on the national and international jazz scene. Read more

Is Liverpool a welcoming place for Asylum Seekers and Refugees?
A project using photography to show a refugee and asylum seeker perspective, on at the Central Library, William Brown Street (First Floor, outside Picton Room) from Friday 10th - 25th January 2014. Read more

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The Selfish Giant
Unsung - a play about the extraordinary life of Edward Rushton
Branka Parlic: The Cone Gatherers
Mark Boulos
Cinema Soloriens 20th Anniversary Tour
Casus present Knee Deep
Jimmy Carl Black Memorial Barbeque Band
Chelsea Hotel
Muscle Shoals
Lucy Porter - Northern Soul
Thor: The Dark World
Shankly 100 Photography Exhibition
Life Without Oscar
Instructions For A Better Life
Like Father, Like Son
Love, Marilyn
Nina Conti - Dolly Mixtures
An Acoustic Evening with Al Stewart
Enough Said
Captain Phillips
Trembling Bells & Mike Heron
Chasing Tails
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
On The One Hand
Daily Abstractions
The Fifth Estate
Le Week-End
Master and Margarita
Abstract Passion
Crime and Punishment
Robert Castelli Boom Quartet
The Pervert's Guide To Ideology
Mediva: A Dance To The Music Of Time
Monkey Bars
Hannah Arendt
Blue Jasmine
Fifty-One Shades of Maggie
Magnus Öström
When The Sunlight Shines
The Great Beauty
In A World...
Ain't Them Bodies Saints
Robin Ince
NEET - Never Entertained, Engaged or Trusted
Streets of Liverpool
Kick-Ass 2
Northern Stars
Jackie and Eddie. Eddie and Jackie.
The Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir
The Edinburgh Previews
Burjesta Theatre Presents A Weekend Spectacular!
Breathe In
A Thousand Murdered Girls
A Field In England
Militant Liverpool - A City on the Edge
The Kite Runner
Behind The Candelabra
When the Rain Stops Falling
‘On’ by Bulbs
Much Ado About Nothing
The Great Gatsby
Cubana Bop plays West Side Story
A Lot Of It About/Broken
Flash: In The Dark with Ramsey Campbell
Legend: A Tale to be Told. A Shared History. A Lie
Fear and Misery of the Third Reich
I'm So Excited
A Rebel Rant with Janet Street-Porter
Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty
Mind the Gap
Marius Neset
Iron Man 3
Manu Delago
If The Shoe Fits (Liverpool)
The Homecoming
The Place Beyond The Pines
Down Our Street
A Day In The Death of Joe Egg
The Jesus Conspiracy
The Victorian in the Wall
Particle Velocity
Cloud Atlas
Tony Teardrop
The Paperboy
June Tabor
Side Effects
The 14th Tale
Borges and I
The Art of Pop Video
Café Chaos
Spirit of ‘45
My Perfect Mind
To the Wonder
The Misanthrope
Marcel and Friends
Marcel and Friends
I Love You Because
Dead Man Working
Fifty Shades of Grey
As Far as I Know
New Works at the Walker
The Pied Piper of Liverpool
The Art of Falling Apart
Life of Pi
Gangster Squad
Les Miserables
Les Miserables
The Hunt
The Year Of Dreaming Dangerously
The Shadows Speak @ 100 Seel Street
Last Shop Standing
Great Expectations
End of Watch
The Master
Disappearing Home
Johnny Come Lately
Rust and Bone
Scotty Road - The Musical
The Right Ballerina
The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner
Meeting the Surreal
The Source
Frankie Said (The Very Best Of) Frankie Goes To Hollywood
The Real Monsters
Beasts of the Southern Wild
The Peace Project
Ruby Sparks
On the Road
The Unexpected Guest
On The Road
Paul Du Noyer’s The Art of the Album Cover
Sit Down! Listen to This!: The Roger Eagle Story
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