Nerve Radio

Punk Survivors

Recording of the Punk Survivors event held on Fri 12th May with Steve Ignorant, co-founder of anarcho-punk band Crass, Don Letts, dub-pioneer and video-chronicler of The Clash and Pauline Murray, the lead singer with punk band Penetration.

Museum For Chinatown

The Sound Agents Moira Kenny and John Campbell gave a talk at John Moore’s University Art School on their plans for a ‘Museum for Chinatown’.

Interview with SUS director Ed Barrett

John Owen interviews Ed Barrett, the director of the play SUS, originally penned by the long good Friday screenplay writer Barrie Keefe about the arrest and interrogation of an innocent black man before the 1979 election of Thatcher, depicting the changing times and new moral codes coming into play.

My Punk Moment

Robert Harrison and Tracey Dunn talk about their time as young punks in London and Liverpool. Tracey recalls a gig by the Sex Pistols in 77 and the outrageous clothes worn, while Rob talks of the alternative punk situation in Liverpool, the DIY “make do and mend” scene that was Liverpool before the real punk revolution hit with a vengeance!!

ORBITAL INTERVIEW with Ben Cronkshanklingly

Way back in the spring of 2012, when Nerve Radio was still a twinkle in the magazines pants, Ben Cronkshanklingly and Tristan Brady-Jacobs spent 25 minutes with Paul Hartnoll from super-electronic-dance-anthem legends ORBITAL.

Stan Ambrose - Jonny Walker

This is an episode of Nerve Radio created by Stan Ambrose featuring local singer-songwriter and campaigner Jonny Walker, talking about buskers rights and playing live songs.

Dreams, Memories and Loss

If you had 15 minutes left to live, what would run through your mind? Would your mind strip bare all that was false about life and friends would it find the flesh and bones of truth. Dreams, Memories and Loss is a journey through one mans life in 15 minutes, told through poetry and music.