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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - September

"9th August" by John O'Neill (Inspired by Goya's "The Third of May"). The shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown Jnr. in Ferguson led to weeks of protest.

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  1 1890: TUC Congress in Liverpool calls for 8-hour limit to working day 2 1982: Liverpool 8 Law Centre founded 3 1797: Liverpool slave ship Thomas taken over by African slaves for 42 days 4 5 1911: Liverpool-born Delia Larkin helps found Irish Women Workers Union 6 1972: Shrewsbury building-site picket. 24 are later prosecuted
7 1921: Mass demonstration of unemployed besieges Town Hall, demands 'Work not Maintenance'. Daily protests follow 8 2006: Demonstration in support of asylum-seekers 9 1990: Peoples March against Poll tax leaves Liverpool for London 10 1978: First 'Rock Against Racism' gig in Walton Hall Park 11 1974: Liverpool picket of Chilean consulate on first anniversary of Pinochet coup 12 1921: Unemployed demonstrators occupy Walker Art Gallery and are brutally evicted by police 13 1973: Merseyside Chile Solidarity formed as 200 protest outside Chilean consulate after Pinochet coup two days earlier
14 15 2007: Next to Nowhere social centre opens on Bold Street 16 1913: 3,500 railway workers block trade with Dublin in support of locked-out workers (one week) 17 1960: March through city by Merseyside Hydrogen Bomb Protest Committee 18 1932: Fourth consecutive day of demonstrations forces Birkenhead council to increase Public Assistance 19 1893: New Zealand is first country to introduce votes for women. Campaign led by Liverpool- born Kate Sheppard 20 1971: Scotland Road Free School opens
21 2008: Final (3rd) day of first Working-Class Music Festival at Picket 22 2001: Merseyside Against Detention protest outside Liverpool prison in support of jailed refugees 23 1931: Islington Square rally of 10,000 'against starvation amidst plenty' attacked by police 24 1973: Dockers' boycott of Chilean shipping (in protest at Pinochet coup) made official union policy 25 1995: Liverpool dock dispute begins (lasts until January 1998) 26 2014: Merseyside Stop the War leaflet in City centre against bombing of Iraq 27 2006: Elizabeth Pascoe wins court order to stop Edge Lane developers
28 1974: Womens Information Centre at 49 Seel Street opened 29 1997: Striking Liverpool dockers occupy cranes in Port of Sheerness 30 1894: Clarion socialist cycling club visit Knowsley estate of Earl of Derby 'who did not invite us to dinner' and leaflet tenants Also in this month... 1838: First Chartist demonstration at the Old Infirmary (St George's Plateau) (25th)
1974: Netherley Flat-Dwellers Action Group protest against 'Colditz flats' at Town Hall (18th) and occupation of housing office (27th)
2004: Memorial erected on Princes Avenue to jailed native American Leonard Peltier
1999: First event for revived Liberty Hall at the Zanzibar (6th) 1995: Liverpool dock dispute
begins (lasts until January 1998)

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