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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - October

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" Albert Camus
Photograph by Colin Serjent

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1947: Unity Theatre performs 'The Match Girls Strike' (25th) 1 1984: Cammell Laird shipyard workers jailed for a month to end shipyard sit-in 2 1972: One-day dock strike and 3,000- strong march against council rent increases 3 1987: Demonstration for Namibian independence 4 1936: Merseyside Peace Week ends with a 3,000-strong march
5 1989: Building Brigades travel to Nicaragua 6 1995: Ken Loach's film Land and Freedom about Liverpool volunteer in Spanish civil war 7 1982: Everyman theatre stages Girls in the Pool, based on council typists' 1981 strike 8 2000: Formation of People Not Profit 9 1972: Rent strikes begin in Kirkby and Birkenhead 10 1937; Fascist rally at Queens Drive halted when Oswald Mosley is struck by a stone 11 2008: Freedom of Expression Day - protest against harassment of political stalls
12 2013: National Anti-Fascist march in Liverpool (hosted by Unite) 13 2005: First John Peel Day 14 1939: 80-strong womens’ demonstration against war 15 2011: 'Occupy Liverpool' protesters take over Barclays Bank for the afternoon 16 1863: Rev Harry Beecher addresses packed meeting in support of North in American civil war 17 18 1757: Anti-militia riot on day of Mayoral election closes city centre
19 1936: 200 marchers leave Liverpool to join the Jarrow Hunger march to London 20 21 22 1975: International Day of Action by rubber workers - 6000 come out at Dunlops 23 24 1983: Frankie Goes to Hollywood release single Relax 25 1947: Unity Theatre performs 'The Match Girls Strike', based on Bryant and May 1889 strike
26 1991: Liverpool 8 Law Centre organises march against police harassment 27 28 1974: 'Petticoat Pickets' win womens 17-week strike at Wingrove and Rogers electrical firm 29 30 1987: Visit of Sam Nujoma, future (SWAPO) President of Namibia 31 1982: First broadcast of Yosser's story, instalment of Boys from the Blackstuff  
Also in this month... 1863: Liverpool Emancipation Society denounces John Laird for building the Alabama for the Confederates (30th)
1968: Abercromby tenants begin rent strike (lasts over eight months)
1981: Day-care Abortion Unit opens (Bradford clinic) after long campaign by womens rights groups
1972: Rent strikes begin in Kirkby and Birkenhead (9th)

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