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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - November

1910 Women's Suffrage demonstration outside Liverpool Central Library

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1983: Peace camp set up at Capenhurst nuclear plant (13th)   1 2004: First Homotopia, Liverpool's current gay festival
2 2011: Five protesters scale drilling rig near Southport in protest against fracking 3 4 5 6 2010: Demonstrators occupy city Vodafone store in protest against tax evasion 7 8
9 1890: Trades Council Mass Indignation Meeting in Birkenhead as 8 trade unionists jailed for'intimidation' 10 1913: Liverpool-born John Archer elected Britain's first black mayor, in Battersea 11 1921: Bread Not Medals - Unemployed workers demonstrate at Armistice parade 12 13 1983: Peace camp set up at Capenhurst nuclear plant 14 1984: Black Caucus lead march to Town Hall and disrupt City Council over appointment of Sam Bond as 'race relations adviser' 15
16 1985: Plaque unveiled to 27 Merseyside volunteers who died fighting for the republic in the Spanish civil war 17 1922: Liverpool Hunger March arrives in London 18 2009: Second day of prison officers' strike over 'bullying and harassment' 19 1950: Mass meeting of Colonial Peoples Defence Association with MP Bessie Braddock 20 2000: Greenpeace 'Chicken Run' halts GM soya mill (Cargills) on Gladstone dock 21 1911: Big suffragette rally in London, Patricia Woodlock and over 200 others arrested 22 1885: Irish Home Rule leader Charles Stewart Parnell addresses crowd on St George's Plateau
23 2011: Baggage- handlers at Liverpool airport strike to save jobs 24 1998: Monument to victims of Great Irish Famine unveiled by Irish President Mary McAleese at St Luke's 25 1969: John Lennon returns MBE to Buckingham Palace 26 2011: Occupy Liverpool set up camp at base of Wellington column 27 1920: Irish nationalists burn down 17 warehouses on Liverpool waterfront 28 1974: One-day general strike in support of the jailed 'Shrewsbury 2' pickets 29 1980: Over 100,000 join national TUC march to the Pier Head against unemployment
30 2011: 15,000 march to St George's Hall against Government austerity 2011: Occupy Liverpool set up camp at base of Wellington column (26th) Photo by Alan Carr Also in this month... 1781: 133 slaves thrown overboard from Liverpool-owned slave-ship Zong. Outcry boosts abolition campaign (29th)
1819: Radical pamphleteer William Cobbett returns from America with bones of Tom 'Rights of Man' Paine
1995: Women of the Waterfront formed to support striking dockers

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