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Scotland Road Rag pickers day out in New Brighton

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Also in this month... 1914: Five public meetings of Free Speech Joint Committee, in defiance of City Council prohibitions (3rd to 30th)
1934: First complete publication of James Hanley's novel Boy (publishers later charged with obscenity)
1981: Merseyside Hunger Strike Supporters Committee march to Pier Head in support of Irish hunger-striker Bobby Sands (2nd)
1 1974: News from Nowhere, radical bookshop, opens 2 1989: Day two of three-day rooftop protest against prison conditions at Risley Remand Centre 3 1926: General Strike begins, solid in Liverpool
4 1912: Strike at Wilson's Bobbin Works, leading to the 'Garston riots' 5 1972: George Pratt becomes first black City Councillor (Clubmoor ward)- polling day was the 4th 6 1934: Clashes in streets as Oswald Mosley addresses fascist rally 7 1949: Paul Robeson visits Liverpool and sings to 10,000 crowd in Lord Street 8 1987: Liz Drysdale (Granby) & Judy Nelson (Smithdown) become first black women City Councillors 9 2004: Friends of Palestine demonstrate outside Harold House against speaker Louise Ellman MP 10 1981: Margaret Simey, radical Labour Councillor, appointed to chair Merseyside Police committee
11 1981: 10,000 strike at Fords to defeat new disciplinary code (withdrawn on 22nd) 12 1984: 'Women in White' march to save Duchess ward in Womens hospital 13 14 15 1969: Rent-striking Abercromby tenants join students in demo when Princess Alexandra visits University 16 1966: Liverpool at forefront of national seamen's strike (till 1 July) 17 2010: Over 100 Cammell Lairds repairers go on unofficial strike over job losses plan
18 19 2009: Liverpool Network Theatre perform Seven Jewish Children in Writing on the Wall festival 20 1839: 15,000 attend Chartist demonstration at Queens Square 21 1919: Communist Mary Bamber wins Everton ward for Labour 22 23 1955: Dockers six-week strike for recognition of the 'Blue Union' 24 1909: Anarchist- Communist Sunday School distribute leaflets denouncing Empire Day
25 1955: Labour has absolute majority on the City Council for the first time 26 1888: Inquiry report says Liverpool women are the worst-paid in the country 27 1993: Falkner Square plaque unveiled for black merchant seamen of World War II 28 1981: Work-to-rule by 450 City council typists quickly becomes an all-out strike for six months 29 1981: Liverpool Black Organisation occupy Caribbean Centre 30 1981: Peoples March for Jobs arrives in London 31 1999: Trees at Park Nook (Princes Park) occupied to stop developers building luxury flats
1919: Communist Mary Bamber wins Everton ward for Labour (21st) 1999: Trees at Park Nook (Princes Park) occupied to stop developers building luxury flats (31st)

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