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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - March

“We Were Once a Proud Port” - Derelict buildings near the Pier Head by Jan Sear

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1997: Robbie Fowler fined for displaying T-shirt supporting sacked Liverpool dockers (27th) Also in this month... 1909: Patricia Woodlock, suffragette, jailed for three months as 'persistent offender' for role in eighth womens Parliament (30th)
1970: Students occupy Senate house protesting university investments in apartheid South Africa (9th to 20th)
1984: Formation of the country’s first support group for the national miners strike
1 2005: Protest at council offices over ‘Welsh Streets’ demolition plans
2 3 1939: Merseyside Left Theatre anti-war play Bury the Dead at David Lewis Theatre (also on the 4th) 4 2000: Greenpeace harass the first ship bringing GM maize to Liverpool docks 5 2013: Premiere of Ken Loach's film The Spirit of '45 6 1923: Labour wins first Liverpool Parliamentary seat (Edge Hill by-election) 7 8 1971: First Womens Liberation Movement celebrations
9 2001: Kirkby Action Group marches on Sonae factory 10 2010: Second day of two-day strike by 20,000 civil servants 11 1968: Start of 11-week strike that forces renegotiation of one-person bus operation 12 13 14 2003: First issue of Nerve magazine 15 1968: Demo and disruption at Cammell Lairds as Polaris sub Revenge is launched
16 17 1937: Inaugural meeting of Merseyside Left Theatre 18 1953: Unity Theatre play The Scab tells story of a Liverpool docker's family during the 1926 General Strike 19 20 2003: Central Liverpool blocked by demonstrations as Iraq war begins 21 2003: ‘We all live in a terrorist regime’ inscribed on Yellow Submarine tourist landmark 22 1984: Lancashire NUM vote to join national miners strike
23 24 1912: Liverpool and Birkenhead rallies against arrest of Tom Mann for the 'Don't Shoot' leaflet 25 1907: Keir Hardie addresses Great Socialist Demonstration at Hope Hall (now Everyman Theatre) 26 1848: Repealers and Chartists hold public meeting supporting Irish independence 27 1997: Robbie Fowler fined for displaying T-shirt supporting sacked Liverpool dockers 28 1987: Anti-Apartheid march through city 29
30 2013: Two marches meet at Wellington Column and rally against bedroom tax 31 2006: Over 3,000 demonstrate against visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice International Womens Day (8th)

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