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"Long Live Socialism" - Inspired by Adrian Henri's visionary artwork "The Entry of Christ Into Liverpool". In 2007/8 College Start - Entry Level Art Class at Liverpool Community College (students with mental health problems) created this collage. Tutors; Cathy Noble, Judy Mazonowicz, Support; Sam Gantley

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Edward Rushton, Liverpool's blind poet 1 2 1889: Formation of Tramway Employees Association despite heavy employer pressure 3 1984: Cammell Laird shipyard occupation takes over destroyer HMS Edinburgh 4 1981: Start of Liverpool 8 uprising ('the riots') 5 1913: Suffragette Edith Rigby sets off bomb at Liverpool Exchange Buildings
6 1958: Open-air rally greets peace marchers from Hull 7 2001: First Arabic Arts Festival 8 1981: First public statement of Liverpool 8 Defence Committee 9 2012: Mass gathering of street musicians on Church Street defies Council anti-busking plans 10 11 1991: Terry Fields MP jailed for 60 days after refusing to pay poll tax 12 1819: Liverpool's first Orange parade 'put to flight by the Irish'
13 1912: Orange and Green Band marches through Garston after police brutality 14 2009: Friends of Palestine picket concert of Leonard Cohen as his tour includes Tel- Aviv 15 1971: First edition of Liverpool Free Press, 'News you're not supposed to know' 16 17 1917: War poet Siegfried Sassoon throws his Military Cross ribbon into the Mersey at Formby beach 18 1937: Merseyside Spanish Aid Committee public meeting in Picton Hall 19 2012: First of one-day strikes by Birkenhead Remploy workers against factory closure plans
20 1989: 7,000 seamen end seven-week strike 21 2007: 1,000 march against cuts in, and privatisation of postal services 22 1848: Irish Confederates arrested in possession of pikes amid rumours of insurrection 23 1910: Patricia Woodlock speaks at Hyde Park rally, 'From Prison to Citizenship' 24 1972: Liverpool Echo is not printed for three days amid actions supporting jailed 'Pentonville 5' dockers 25 26 1847: Daniel O'Connell's body lies in state on the Mersey en route from London to Dublin
27 2001: Hunger strike at Walton prison by detained asylum-seekers 28 29 1848: 500 dockers refuse to become special constables and lose their jobs 30 1996: Ploughshares activists acquitted at Crown Court after damaging Hawk fighter aircraft 31 1919: Liverpool police join in national strike    
Also in this month... 1796: Edward Rushton's 'Letter to Washington' challenges the President's practice of owning slaves while advocating liberty
1895: Bitter dispute at Jackson's Rope Works after machine tears young girl to pieces in front of her mother (29th)
1982: Croxteth Comp school taken over by the community (13th)
1982: Croxteth Comp school taken over by the community (13th)

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