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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - January

St. Luke's: 'Henge' by Carolyn Shepherd - Contemplates the cycle of destruction, death, rebirth and growth into new life and is inspired by the opportunity for spiritual growth following periods of trauma. Photograph by Bernie Howden

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Also in this month... 1912: The Syndicalist publishes ‘Don’t Shoot’ leaflet by Fred Bower, urging soldiers not to fire on striking workers
1996: Women of the Waterfront petition Downing Street in support of the 500 sacked dockers (9th)
2009: Marches to protest Israel's invasion of Gaza (3rd, 17th)
2012: Start of 11-day action by Unilever workers in protest at pension changes (18th)
1 2 1916: Liverpool branch of NUR 'reaffirms its unalterable opposition to conscription' 3 2009: 2,000 march to protest against Israeli attack on Gaza 4 1977: 450 strike at Cammell Lairds over productivity payment dispute
5 1972: Fisher-Bendix factory in Kirkby occupied by workforce for five weeks 6 7 2012: UK Uncut / Occupy Liverpool picket shops involved in tax avoidance 8 9 1906: Liverpool's first suffragette action: Prime Minister heckled at Sun Hall 10 1791: Edward Rushton and others start Liverpool School for the Blind 11
12 1984: Frankie Goes to Hollywood's ‘Relax’ is banned by BBC 13 1847: First of 300,000 Irish fleeing the great hunger arrive in Liverpool 14 1910: Protest outside Walton jail at maltreatment of suffragettes 15 16 1895: First appearance of ILP's 'Soup and Socialism' van at St George's Hall 17 1863: Conference in support of the North and against slavery in American civil war 18 2013: Anti-cuts demonstrators occupy Town Hall
19 1919: Mass meeting demands release of Irish political prisoners 20 1914: First meeting of Free Speech Protest Joint Committee 21 1938: Merseyside Left Theatre performs play ‘Waiting for Lefty' 22 1889: First meeting of Womens Industrial Council 23 2006: ‘Dragons of the Pool’ unveil plaque to Chinese merchant seamen forcibly repatriated in 1945 24 1979: Grave-diggers strike (till 1 Feb) 25 1889: Meeting to form a trade union for women cigar-makers
26 27 28 1996: News from Nowhere bookshop avoids eviction by Frensons developers and moves to present building 29 1996: Ploughshares activists damage Hawk fighters destined for Indonesian regime 30 2010: PCS rally for public services at St George's plateau 31 1977: First issue of Merseyside Women’s Paper  
World Peace Day (1st) 1791: Liverpool School for the Blind on the corner of London Rd and Pudsey St. (10th)

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