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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - February

Mike and Alex reading the papers in Breck Road Community Library, by Jane Hughes

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Also in this month... 1969: First screening of Ken Loach drama documentary 'The Big Flame' about striking Liverpool dockworkers (19th)
1971: Britain's longest strike starts at the Inland Revenue Office in Bootle, ends Aug 1974 (11th)
1972: Liverpool ‘Right to Work’ marchers leave for London (19th)
  1 1879: 'Three-week strike by 35,000 dockers and seamen over 10% reduction in wages
2 1951: Merseyside dockers strike. Leaders arrested (9th) and charged under wartime law 'Order 1305' 3 1911: Robert Tressell (Noonan), author of ‘Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’, dies in Royal Infirmary 4 5 2011: March and 2000-strong rally in Anglican Cathedral against public spending cuts 6 1937: 18 volunteers from Merseyside die at the battle of Jarama, fighting for Spanish republic 7 1975: 35 cleaners at Ministry of Defence join trade union and lose their jobs 8 1906: James Sexton contests West Toxteth for Labour at General Election and campaigns against 'Chinese slavery' in South Africa
9 1991: Mike Hill loses his life in anti-hunting protest 10 1934: Merseyside contingent of National Hunger march arrives Chester 11 2008: Rolls Royce workers march through city to protest against factory closure plans 12 2011: Church Street vigil supporting 'Arab spring' in Egypt and Tunisia 13 1970: Launch of Big Flame, 'Merseyside's rank and file paper' 14 1986: Publication of CND booklet ' Merseyside and the Bomb' 15 2003: ‘Peace Train’ takes protestors to join over a million others demonstrating against plans to bomb Iraq
16 17 1940: Peace march held by Liverpool branch of Womens Peace Campaign (photo in DP of 19 Feb, page 3) 18 19 1863: 3,000-4,000 in Royal Amphitheatre condemn slavery and support the North in American civil war 20 1855: Second day of bread riots 21 1994: First Irish cultural and community festival 22 1890: National Union of Dock Labourers introduces Britain's first union lapel badge
23 1988: Dockers refuse to handle uranium mined in apartheid-ruled Namibia 24 1969: First national Ford Strike 25 2003: Rodney Street Youth Centre occupied as an International Welcome Centre for asylum-seekers (till 4 April) 26 27 2010: Formation of Liverpool Socialist Singers 28 1984: 100,000 protest on Merseyside in support of GCHQ workers  
2010: Formation of Liverpool Socialist Singers (27th) 1911: Robert Tressell (Noonan), author of ‘Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’, dies in Royal Infirmary (3rd)

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