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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - December

Bar Staff sacked for wearing mini-skirts
Image from Kirkby Unemployed Centre

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  1 1913: Jim Larkin and Bill Hayward address Sun Hall meeting in support of locked-out workers of Dublin 2 3 2007: Turner Art Prize awards in Liverpool upstaged by Stop the War alternative exhibition 4 5 1998: First James Larkin Commemoration march 6 1973: Kirkby rent strikers Brian Owen and Larry Doyle jailed for 'contempt of court'
7 1973: Nightly demonstrations outside Walton prison in support of Brian Owen who remains in prison for 'contempt' 8 2000: Fidel Castro unveils statue to John Lennon in Cuba 9 1999: Black Liverpudlian Eric Lynch denounces City Council 'apology' for the slave trade 10 1975: British Withdrawal from Northern Ireland 14 (including two Liverpudlians) acquitted of Incitement to Disaffection 11 1911: 400 bargemen on Leeds-Liverpool canal strike in overtime dispute 12 1938: Merseyside Spain Aid Committee ship sails for Spain with supplies for republicans 13 2004: First meeting of Liverpool Social Forum
14 1980: 30,000 gather on St. George's Plateau for vigil after John Lennon's death 15 16 17 1973: Kirkby rent strike ends after 14 months as five more are jailed for 'contempt of court' 18 19 1885: Liverpool Scotland constituency elects Irish nationalist MP 20 1888: Seamens’ strike (till 18th Feb)
21 1965: Abolition of Death Penalty Bill introduced by left-wing Jewish Liverpool MP Sidney Silverman 22 23 1909: Suffragettes force-fed on hunger-strike in Liverpool prison 24 25 26 27
28 1908: Jim Larkin becomes founder secretary of Irish Transport and General Workers Union 29 2007: Picket of Cricket fashion shop to protest against sale of fur products (also 22nd) 30 31 2008: Church Street vigil protests against Israel's invasion of Gaza Also in this month... 1749: Liverpool slave ship Scipio blown up by insurrection off West African coast
1953: Conference on Freedom of Speech to fight City Council censorship of Unity theatre (6th)
1971: Gypsy Free School in Shaw Street opens
2007: Picket of Cricket fashion shop against sale of fur products (29th) 1938: Merseyside Spain Aid Committee ship sails for Spain (12th)

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