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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - August

Liverpool 8 Defence Committee March against Chief Constable Oxford, 1981

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2014: Die-in and march to protest Israel's invasion of Gaza 1 2 1982: Michael Heseltine pelted after meeting at occupied Croxteth Comp School
3 4 1995: Postal workers from Liverpool organise three lorryloads of 'Aid for Bosnia' 5 1914: Labour complains that 'greedy and grasping members of the capitalist class are enriching themselves' 6 2008: Parents Against Closure demonstrate over plans to close Croxteth Comp 7 1911: 1000 railway goods porters come out on strike. Other transport workers come out in support 8 1919: 955 striking Liverpool police officers dismissed 9 2006: 'Red Card for Israel' given out as Liverpool FC play Maccabi Haifa
10 11 1912: 60,000 attend Sheil Park rally to mark first anniversary of Bloody Sunday 12 13 1911: Liverpool's Bloody Sunday - police attack transport strike rally, injuring hundreds 14 1911: Liverpool General transport strike declared 15 1981: Liverpool 8 Defence Committee demonstration against Chief Constable 16 2014: Die-in and march to protest Israel's invasion of Gaza
17 1920: Council of Action formed to oppose war with Russia 18 1823: Slave uprising on estate of John (father of William) Gladstone in Demerara 19 1995: Firefighters' one-day actions turn into a nine-month strike 20 2009: Strike by baggage-handlers at Liverpool airport 21 22 1889: 40 Liverpool dockers are lured to London to break the dock strike there but refuse to do so 23 1960: Paddy Neary, Liverpool seaman, jailed in seamen's strike - protests follow
24 1880: Mass meeting in the Trades Hall protests at discrimination against black sailors 25 1987: Mike Field arrested for shouting 'rich parasite' at Princess Diana 26 2011: Picket at Liverpool Mutual Homes as older workers are laid off. Strike action follows 27 1898: Trades Council 50 year 'jubilee' in Stanley Park despite City Council ban 28 1920: Printers strike stops Daily Post and Echo for three weeks 29 2013: City centre leafleting against British attack on Syria 30 1775: Seamens’ Revolt: 1,000 sailors bombard Town Hall with ships cannon
31 2006: Firefighters strike against proposed cuts to services 2010: First Nerve Centre opens at the old Rapid paint shop on Hardman St (13th) Also in this month... 1989: 200 Bootle residents support dockers who refuse to handle toxic chemical (PCB) cargo from Montreal (16th)
2004: Childcare social workers strike (till Jan 2005) (24th)
2010: First Nerve Centre opens at the old Rapid paint shop on Hardman St (13th)

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