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Nerve Love, Hope & Resistance Calendar 2015 - April

'Encompass' about personal achievement, vision and struggle.. But also about pulling a community together to "encompass" you. Photograph by Brenda Sharp, artwork by Alison Bailey Smith

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    1 1987: First Mutual Aid Centre opens in Victoria Street in what is now Millennium House 2 1911: Suffragettes refuse to give names to census: 'No Vote, No Census' 3 4 1978: First meeting of Merseyside Anti-Racialist Alliance 5
6 1979: First Merseyside 'Reclaim the Night' Womens' march through city centre 7 8 2005: Friends of Palestine picket Caterpillar's Perkins plant in Irlam 9 2005: Train drivers bring Merseyrail to a halt on Grand National weekend 10 1982: Kirkby Unemployed Centre opens 11 1976: First meeting of Liberty Hall, alternative social club 12
13 1962: Pat Arrowsmith of CND arrested at dockside meeting on nuclear disarmament 14 1984: CND 'surround and decorate' US base at Burtonwood. Peace camp set up 15 1962: Irish Freedom March from Liverpool arrives in London 16 17 2013: 1,000 rally at St George's Hall on day of Margaret Thatcher funeral 18 19 1989: Boycott of Sun newspaper after it vilifies Liverpool fans at Hillsborough stadium tragedy
20 1948: Tugboatmen strike 21 1971: Public meeting at Stanley House launches campaign to free Angela Davis 22 23 1919: Protest march by unemployed (demobilised) soldiers 24 25 1919: Arnold Yates, bookseller, seen in possession of leaflets addressed to sailors advocating revolution 26 1988: Kirkby Response Theatre founded
27 1983: One-day city-wide strike against privatisation 28 2001: Builders union UCATT unveils 'hod-carrier' memorial on Islington to victims of building accidents 29 1872: 8,000 carters strike (one week) for better wages 30 1919: Public meeting denounces conscription measures still in force in peacetime Also in this month... 1920: 20,000 dockers threaten strike demanding release of Irish republicans from Wormwood Scrubs prison (28th)
1985: School students strikes against Youth Training Scheme slave labour, 10,000 march to Pier Head (25th)
2004: Welsh Streets Homes Group set up to oppose demolition of ten streets in Liverpool 8
Workers Memorial Day (28th) 1987: First Mutual Aid Centre opens in Victoria Street in what is now Millennium House

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