NERVE 18 - Summer 2011

Editorial Casualism - back to the future? Chronicle of Deaths Foretold
Getting Connected Peel under the spotlight Lap dancing: recognised dangers and unforeseen consequences
A Question of Money: Rebuilding the Royal Lennon the ‘Outsider’ What are cuts doing to our schools?
Sub-Human Treatment Sutcliffe & Prendergast Tranmere Rovers Anti Fascists
How to get published Sick now fit to work in the 'Big society' Egypt and Twitter
Merseyfin Lives Increasing Lack of Community at Community College Poetry Corner
Down and Out in Liverpool Benefits Column  
Super-Cannes Interview: The Sound Sweep Mosaic of Time The Cubical Cornered
Emma Gilmour Elia Sadiqi Amy Scott-Samuel
Aidan Young    
‘The Real Meaning of Life’ Exhibition Round-up of Recommended Reads Debt Generation
Insurrection Interview with Jo Bywater Interview with Joan
20lb Sounds Philosophy of Poverty